3 Most Simple Ways To Deal With Difficult Clients In Freelancing

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Deal With Difficult Clients in FreelancingFreelancing is a great way to make money and work on your own terms. But it can be difficult to find clients and keep them happy. In this post, I will share with you how you can deal with difficult client and how to keep them happy in freelancing.

Client acquisition and retention are two of the most important goals of every professional in the field of freelancing. If you’ve been a freelancer for more than a year now, you know the quick signs of how to tell if the client is about to get angry or miscommunication is about to rise.

Quick signs of an angry and dissatisfied client are short replies, messages seen then ignored, too many questions about the finished product or task and, of course, heavy sighs.

So, how will you deal with demanding clients without losing them? Read on!

Change The Communication Channels

There has been a conversation between you and the client for more than 1 hour through email, yet no solutions are being provided; you need to change the channel. Think of other ways how you can communicate with them. Calling them via mobile can be one example of changing the channel. By calling them on a mobile phone, the client can have the opportunity to vent out, and this makes them feel that they’re being heard.

Learn The Art Of Reflective Listening

Acknowledge the problem but don’t agree immediately to prevent losing the client and getting disappointed. Here’s an example of how you can apply reflective listening in freelancing.

Client: “Though I have a limited budget, I want to boost our brand awareness. But it seems your professional fee is too expensive.”

You as the Freelancer: “To clarify this matter, you’d like to increase your brand awareness by availing my service. But, my professional fee is way beyond your set budget. Did I understand your dilemma correctly?”

In freelancing, you must make your clients feel valued and understood, even if they are sometimes wrong. You have to talk to them professionally.

Focus On The Outcome

In freelancing, dealing with a difficult client is inevitable. Focus on the solution rather than dealing with petty details that would only fuel the fire. Know what your client wants to achieve; if it’s attainable, let them know, but if it’s not, offer them an alternative solution. Never leave your clients with questions in mind; they will think you are not serious about getting the tasks done.


Finally what I believe in freelancing is: The best way to keep your client happy is by delivering high-quality work on time. This will ensure that they are satisfied with the work you have done for them and will want to hire you again in the future.

Freelancing is not difficult; but it can be difficult to keep your clients happy. Here are some tips that I did like to share before concluding on deal with difficult clients in freelancing:

  • Be responsive and available for communication.
  • Deliver the work in a timely manner.
  • Provide quality work that meets the client’s expectations.
  • Offer additional services like revisions or edits if needed.

Happy freelancing!

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