The 8 Things That Are Hurting Your Website’s SEO

There is much stuff on your website which can be ruining your Google scores and visitors.

No matter how long you invest in writing content material, optimizing your technical SEO, building backlinks, they may be going to set you down.

I have been doing SEO for a long time, and this doesn’t come as a surprise, and you also likely realize this.

Do you know Google prefers clean content? According to the Hosting Tribunal, there are over 1.7 billion websites on the web. Over two million posts are being posted every day.

Not only that, it's estimated that Google has over 63 billion pages indexed according to the World Wide Web Size.

Thus, in today's post, I will be sharing with you the 8 things that are ruining your SEO.

1. Always Keep Your Content Updated.

So instead of you thinking, to crank out a lot of content each and every single day, what I want you to do is go to Google Search Console and look at all your pieces of content and the amount of traffic you're getting.

Google Search Console has a date picker option, you need to compare your traffic now versus the same time a year ago.

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You may get more traffic or less traffic, but you will find some pages that are doing well and some that are not. I want you to look at those pages that performed awesomely and go and update them.

Update that content, making it more interesting, you will rank much higher than your previous old and outdated content.

Google wants all the content on your site to be updated because it's not just one page ranking on its own, it's your whole site.

2. Improve The Pages That Has Thin Content.

The Average Word Count On The First Page Of Google SERP.
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The next important content mistake that is hurting your rankings and SEO is pages with thin content. If you look at the content quantity, six years ago 500 words were considered as longer content.

That was six years ago!

Thus, this is the reason why Google tends not to rank pages with thin content.

Now, if you can answer someone’s question or query, whatever someone is searching for is usually a problem, in 200 words or 100 words, that’s great, but most people are not able to.

The pages that don’t add value to your audience are just a piece of waste content. The solution for it is looking at all the pages that offer no value, look at them. If you think they provide a better value, that’s okay.

And if you find that it's not offering good value try:

  1. Update them and make them more in-depth.
  2. Make 301 redirect to other pages with great content and UI.

Make wise use of Google Analytics and Google Search Console for analyzing your content metrics.

3. Excessive Or Irrelevant Ads.

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The third thing that’s hurting you is excessive or irrelevant ads.


When you put a lot of ads on your website, all it is doing is increasing the load time.

If you put in a lot of ads, your page speed gradually decreases. I have even seen that pages with lots of ads had a high bounce rate!

Ads can make your audience leave your post if they see frequent ads that disturb their reading experience.

Just think for a moment you open my website and see tons of ads loading on the page. Will you stay on my website? Obviously, not.

But still, if it still loads fast, it will be harming your SEO and User Experience.

I am not saying it’s bad to have ads, even Google has an ad network (“Google Adsense”), but you want to make sure that they mix in with your content.

And if you look at what Google is doing with their ads, that’s a perfect example of how ideal you want to blend ads throughout your own website.

4. Automatically Generated Content.

Another most important content creation method that's hurting your ranking and SEO is automatically generated content.

Now, this probably doesn't come as a piece of shocking news, but Google wants you to deliver an amazing experience.

If you create content through automated article generator tools, you will not provide a good experience to your audience.

Even if you put in the time and effort to make that content a bit more customized and look personalized, it’s still not going to do well.

You should always be creating the content that provides the best experience and not just from the outlook that is not automated.

But you need to look for all the other pages that are ranking for the term that you're going after and be like them.

5. Remove Intrusive Popups Or Interstitials.

Remove Unwanted Popups
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Intrusive pop-ups or interstitials are holding your back from ranking higher. Google has also agreed on it in its blog and its Twitter handle.

“Pages that show intrusive interstitials “provide a poor experience to users “than other pages where content is immediately accessible.”

Reference: Google

I am not saying that you shouldn’t be using pop-ups, I use them, but typically you want to save the pop-ups as an exit popup.

Thus, an exit popup is fine for a better user experience, that’s what people see while leaving your website.

And what you can also do is if you have lead magnets, you can promote them within your content.

Like I use it on my homepage to attract my audience.

Yes it's the best way to collect leads without being impertinent. Even I do the same.

Instead of pop-ups, I prefer a lead magnet.

6. Overdoing Internal Linkings.

Link Building
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Now I am sure many of you are doing this thing that’s hurting your SEO, that’s irrelevant internal links.

We all know that internal linking is very important, but if you tend to overdo it, it will reduce content value and also ruin your SEO strategy.

Make sure that you are using the internal links that are relevant to the target keyword and content and the page that people are going to read.

You should never randomly make anchor texts that are irrelevant to your topics. I have seen many websites that give links to all their previous posts. That’s what is ruining your SEO and even the user experience for your audience.

With your writing skills you need to build trust among your audience, and that's what Google's E-A-T Ranking Factor says.

7. Eliminate Duplicate Content.

Eliminate Duplicate Content To Improve SEO
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Now moving on to the next thing that’s hurting your SEO is the duplicate content.

Remember, Google will not penalize you for having duplicate content because they have mentioned that they don’t penalize anyone for duplicate content.

But they also will never ever rank duplicate content over the original and primary content.

While writing content, make sure that you are providing fresh and unique content.

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The most vulnerable thing that hurts your SEO is backlinks to spammy websites and domain names. If you link out to other spam websites, you may get caught in a link scheme.

I have seen many times that people say like, I will link to you if you link to me back. This method of getting backlinks is called reciprocal linking.

Doing reciprocal linking can seriously hurt your rankings and user experience in the long run.

You should only be linking to pages that are related to your target keyword or content. It's never about “should I no follow this link? Should I do follow it”?

Remember, it's about providing the best user experience.

Suppose, you link to someone and you think it provides great value to your audience, then you must link to it.

And if you think that, this link is not going to provide any value, but I just want to link to it because they are paying, never ever do it.

Or if you want to make money from backlinks, you should either no-follow that link or mark it as paid and clearly let your audience know that you have paid for it.

It's Your Turn Now.

Now I turn it over to you:

Which of the 8 SEO Improvements from today’s post are you going to try first?

Are you going to update your posts?

Or maybe you want to avoid doing over and irrevelent internal linking.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

I am eager to know!

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