The 5 Benefits Of Building Links For SEO To Rank Higher In Google

The 4 Benefits Of Building Links For SEO To Rank Higher In Google

Every blogger knows link building can help in improving SEO, but many of them don't know the benefits of building links.

In this post, I will share some of the crucial benefits of building links.

Starting with the basics for newbies.

The process of getting links to your website from other websites is called link building.

Writing an awesome post is not enough to get the attraction. After creating quality content, the real hard work has just begun.

Long back, link building was just a piece of cake. Bloggers used automated tools to submit to article directories and Web2.0 sites to generate backlinks. But it's not the case now, the time has changed.

Search Engines and ranking algorithms have become smarter now with the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Now, besides the quality of the article or inbound links – link building has become an important part of SEO to rank higher.

Impact Of Google's Penguin Algorithm

One of the most successful Google Ranking Algorithms is “Penguin”. Google's Penguin Algorithm was officially announced in 2014, and it rolled out on April 24, 2014.

Thus, after Google's Penguin Algorithm link building becomes much more of a skill that takes a little time to learn and execute.

Now the definition of Link building has changed. Link building is getting links from high authority sites.

Besides, relevancy and quality content, the diversity of links plays a significant role in higher search engine ranking. It determines the quality of the links that you get from well-established websites in your niche.

The 4 Benefits Of Building Links For SEO To Rank Higher In Google
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As I said earlier, Links building is crucial for SEO and to rank higher. So, here are the benefits of link building for your website.

The amount of inbound links to your website helps the search engines to determine the popularity and quality of your website.

If your website has many inbound links from high-quality websites that have High DA, then your Google Page Rank (PR) is definitely high. This will help you rank higher on the search engines.

I always say that just after starting a website, you should focus on link building so that you get more exposure on search engines and the websites in your niche.

Google rewards you by ranking higher if you have many backlinks from the website with high DA and PR.

So effective link building means building only quality links that mean getting true links from High Authority websites.

Some benefits of link building:

  1. Building links helps to increase online visibility.
  2. You get the traffic from external high authority websites that link you.
  3. High-quality links pointing to your website show your post has as a valuable resource.
  4. If you build links wisely, then chances are higher that your post will get indexed much faster than others.
  5. Link building is also considered an important aspect of SEO.

These are 8 ways for building links:

  1. Writing quality content.
  2. Writing pillar content and contacting bloggers for backlinks.
  3. Dofollow blog comments.
  4. Directory submission.
  5. Creating amazing infographics.
  6. Guest Posting.
  7. Creating an Epic YouTube video about your post.
  8. Dofollow social bookmarking websites.

If you have a niche site or main website these methods will help you every time you publish a new post with amazing resources.

Yes! Q&A websites like Quora and Yahoo can help you build backlinks for your website.

You need to figure out some of the important questions/topics in your niche that you have already written about.

Or if you haven't written a post that answers people's questions the publish one. After you publish your post, create a short, in-depth summary in about 300 words and post the answer on those Q and A websites.

This summary is the detailed answer to the question that the audience is willing to know.

Make sure to include a link to your resource/post so that you get the backlink.

Another benefit is that you can drive immense traffic using this Q and A websites. This trick is like the cherry on the cake – helps you get the traffic and backlink as well.

2. Podcast Or Interview With An Influencer In Your Niche

I know it's not easy to reach out to a well-established influencer in your niche.

This is because popular bloggers/influencers will have a heavy social media presence compared to them you don't have any or very little.

And it's now about getting an inferiority complex as most influencers will never refuse an opportunity to share their experiences with your audience.

That influencer might also promote your content on social media helping you get more backlinks, recognition, and traffic.

So, don't hesitate to reach out to influencers.

3. Hiring A Content Writer

If you hire a popular content writer or blogger to write the posts, then you will find success for a long time.

Hire a blogger who has greater online visibility in your niche and offer him something in return. As for that content writer or blogger, he or she will definitely share that content.

By doing this, you won't just get high-quality backlinks but also steady and relevant traffic.

This method works best for those who have goldmines in their pocket.

4. Publishing Free E-Books

Besides, doing SEO and getting organic traffic from Google, you can find some low-competitive keywords and make an ebook.

Comment below have you ever done keyword research for writing an ebook. Or have you written an ebook?

There are many publishers like Amazon helping you get your fair share of traffic, and you can capitalize on it to reach your audience.

You can publish eBooks in a few of these marketplaces like Amazon, etc. The ideal starting price would be $0.99 or list it for free through Smashwords. The aim is just to build an audience.

But make sure to link out to your website in the eBook and eventually, you will see slight traffic to your website. After few months you will see consistently growing traffic.

So if you are an awesome writer, try writing awesome traffic.


So these were some of the benefits of building links. Also, I have shared some of the uncommon ways of building links.

These uncommon link-building strategies work awesome, but your main focus should be on common ways of link building that I have mentioned above.

So use these link-building strategies wisely.

Do let me know in the comments section which trick you are going to try first and how you are going to implement it.

The 4 Benefits Of Building Links For SEO To Rank Higher In Google
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