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In this article, I will be reviewing with you the best free social media management tools for affiliate marketers that are available to you so that no investment is needed by you to stay relevant on your social media platforms.

Managing your social media accounts can be extremely time-consuming especially if you are using more than one social media platform. We all know how important social media is in today’s business world; it is how you connect with different people, audiences, and market your brand and business.

On each social media account that you have you must share your content, follow people, and like others content which can take large amounts of time even if you are doing this on one social media account not to mention if you have multiple accounts.

This is where the social media management tools come in handy. Below I have listed the best free social media management tools for you to choose from.

1. Buffer


Buffer is a social media marketing tool that if used properly can help you save loads of time while keeping you relevant to all your social media accounts.

With this platform, you can make a posting schedule for Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Buffer will improve your engagement and drive traffic.

2. BuzzBundle Social Media Managemnt Tool

Buzz Bundle Social Media Management

BuzzBundle gives you the ability to create different personas that you present within your social media accounts such as Twitter, Google+, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, blogs, and forums. This social media management tool enables you to hide your location ID if needed and converse incognito.

Of course, you can do the usual automated tasks such as comment in blogs and forums, tweet, send private messages, reply, remove messages, customize data to be displayed, and much more.

I have to say out of this list BuzzBundle is one of my favorites.

3. CoSchedule Social Media Calender App

CoSchedule Social Media Calender

CoSchedule has an editorial calendar that helps you plan your blog, social media, and content marketing.

This platform gives you a 14-day free trial to introduce you to the automation features and drag and drop calendar from WordPress.

With over 200,000 marketers this product is trusted by many.

4. TweetDeck Social Media Managemnt Tool

TweetDeck Social Media Management Tool

TweetDeck is a popular tool for individuals and businesses needing to manage their Twitter accounts on a more comprehensive level. TweetDeck is totally free and can be integrated with Buffer for more detailed access.

The number of Twitter accounts that TweetDeck manages is unlimited and you can stream advanced data in real-time such as trending content and specific user information.

5. Feedly Social Media Managemnt Tool


Feedly is an awesome resource that organizes all the content that you read in one place. With Feedly, you can follow blogs, publications, virtually anyone on the web, and coordinate your shares.

You can easily organize your feeds into collections, monitor your content and the latest information about your product, company, and market. You can also integrate Google Alerts into this platform. This is a must-have.

6. HootSuite Social Media Managemnt Tool


Hootsuite needs no introduction however, I am going to give you one anyway. This platform improves your social reach with the App Directory which includes over 80 apps such as YouTube, Reddit, and Instagram, etc. located on the dashboard.

You will be able to manage all social media networks and schedule content for future publishing.

Hootsuite has in-depth analytics that you can monitor to see how your social media attempts are being received. You will also be able to check on how your audience views your brand.

7. Keyhole Social Media Analytics Tool

Keyhole Social Media Management Tool

Keyhole is another free, real-time tool that helps you manage to post with your hashtag, number of impressions, likes, and retweets generated by your campaigns. Keyhole tracks the most influential people that are using your keywords so in turn you can reach out to them and try to promote your content.

Having an influential person share or promote your content extends your brand’s reach.

8. Social Clout Social Media Managemnt Tool

Social Clout Social Media Management Tool

Now, Social Clout is a tool that you must get! Social Clout collects metrics, mentions, and conversations from forums, blogs, and social sites. It even monitors your brand’s activities in real-time across Twitter and Facebook.

With Social Clout, you can also compile data to analyze your competition and compare your social media status. This tool offers many other features.

9. Kred Social Media Marketing Tool


Kred Social Media Marketing tool is great for those just recently introduced to influencer marketing. Kred attributes scores to influencers according to their social presence factors like retweets, mentions, follows, and replies, and the likelihood of them posting to another’s content.

Kred extends a great offer, 1 free year and all you have to do is send a tweet.

10. Onalytica Social Media Analytics Tool

Onalytica Social Media Analytics Tool

Onalytica is another tool that helps you find the most relevant influencers to your market and content. Onalytica matches your content with what an influencer has posted within the past 12 months on Twitter.

This way you can be sure that your content and the influencer’s content are closely matched.

11. Canva Graphics Designing SAAS

Canva Graphic Designing tool

Canva gives you the ability to create pictures, banners, infographics, design presentations, graphs, etc. Canva includes millions of stock photographs.

There are post templates for each social media account. There are illustrations, shapes, icons, etc. Canva is free, however, like many other products, there is a premium paid version.


Social media management is a very time-consuming task. With the help of the above tools, you can cut the time you spend posting, replying, liking, and following significantly.

I hope you have enjoyed my article about the best free social media management tools.

If you have any further questions, comments, or there is anything that you would like to add please feel free to do so below.

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