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IBM Brand Positioning

IBM Brand Positioning Explained In 500 Words!

I have discussed many brand positioning with you, including tech companies, beverage companies, media companies, the fashion industry. Now it’s time to share the IBM brand positioning case study within 500 words with you. So without time, let’s get to the point. History Of IBM…

Microsoft Brand Positioning In 500 Words

Microsoft Brand Positioning Explained In 500 Words!

Microsoft is a tech giant that has been around for many years. It has a strong brand positioning and consumer trust. The company uses its brand positioning to create customer relationships and increase customer loyalty. Microsoft brand positioning is functional to create demand for its…

Budweiser Brand Positioning Explained In 300 Words

Budweiser Brand Positioning Explained In 300 Words!

Well, if you enjoy having some drinks/beers at celebrations and parties then I am sure you have heard of “the King of Beers”. Yes, you are right it’s Budweiser. In this post, I will share with you Budweiser’s brand positioning within 300 words. So without…

Chanel Brand Positioning In 300 Words

Chanel Brand Positioning Explained In 300 Words!

Chanel has always been one of the most prominent choices in terms of women’s fashion. The company was founded by Coco Chanel in 1910. The company has developed various actionable and profitable brand positioning strategies within this year. Now Chanel is a successful brand that…

Is Gucci More Expensive Or Chanel

Is Gucci More Expensive Or Chanel?

When looking for a fashion icon, you are left to choose between two expensive brands. Choosing between Gucci and Chanel is a controversial issue and driving the number of opinions to even numbers. For over a century, the most elite fashion houses in the world…

TikTok Brand Positioning

Case Study: TikTok Brand Positioning

TikTok, the popular video-sharing app founded in December 2014, has quickly become one of the most popular social media platforms for users to create and share videos. With over 150 million active users as of September 2018, TikTok is on a mission to entertain its…

Netflix Brand Positioning

Case Study: Netflix Brand Positioning

Netflix is a giant in content streaming and a leader in bringing new and original content to the world. Currently valued at $99.45 billion, Netflix is the pioneer in the content streaming field. With its huge library of movies and shows, the service has become…

Instagram Launches Automated Captions for Feed Videos

Instagram Launches Auto-Generated Captions For Feed Videos (2022)

After introducing automated captions for IGTV uploads in 2020 and expanding captions to Stories last year, Instagram has taken the next step. Instagram Launches Auto-Generated Captions for Feed Videos Users will soon be able to turn on auto-captions for any Instagram feed post, as seen…

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