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Not every business will work out. You already know that. In the affiliate marketing business, being an affiliate marketer, the same rule applies to you as well.

Your personality concerning the product or services you are selling affects your attitude towards those that your sites offer, the policy of the merchant affiliate, its marketing and sales program, or a host of other factors.

This is why it is not wise to get every possible product and post them on a site.

If the product is losing, if it is not making money, dump it. But, unfortunately, many marketers cling to hoping that the products somehow will take off on their site.

If the product is giving your site a negative reputation, throw it. Successful affiliate marketers do it that way.

Intelligent affiliate marketers search for money makers and ride it for as long and as far as it can get them.

This is why you have to choose your affiliate merchant wisely. Here are several suggestions to get the right merchant affiliate.

The Identity of Your Website Being An Affiliate Marketer

There is this thing in marketing called “branding“. Often it is supported by logos, slogans, and promotional drives.

The primary purpose is to give it a unique identity that any customer is familiar with it.

The customer will already have a picture in their mind of what the product is all about and what the company stands for.

It is, needless to say, putting their names out in the most favourable light. Just like your name, your site can also be branded.

For example, if your website is about books, do not mix it with used cars. You can create another website for that or have it in shared advertising.

It can make it so much easier for your customer to make identification once your site is mentioned. Your identity can stand out better. Advertising is recall.

You are advertising by banners, blogs, articles, e-books, and what have you on your site.

Has it been branded?

It can create so much impact on your customers and can generate more focused traffic. Professional advertisers work like this.

You can have the same benefit, and it is already within the touch of your fingertips.

Check Your Merchant's Website

Grammarly Homepage

If the website is not appropriately designed that you, when visiting that site, will be wondering about the business it has for staying there; do not identify yourself with it.

Many affiliates marketers do not bother very much with this. Yet this is a crucial rule in drawing customers to your attention.

For example, if you are selling products that are not selling on your site, one of the reasons may be that the merchant's website is not designed to sell or is not focused.

If you don't have your website to advertise or product your merchant's website, you can refer to How To Become An Affiliate Marketer Without A Website?

The days of flashy, outlandish, and dumb-looking banners are taking on an evolution of their own. Banners have a great way of communicating attitudes.

Banners almost died due to an indiscriminate eye-damaging design that succeeded in being identified with scams. Most customers have been shying away from that.

Check also the sales copy, privacy policy, product guarantees, discounts, and after-sales service. Documents again must be designed to sell.

What to look out for are the benefits that a customer gets from the product. The policy and terms must tell the customer what they can get out of it.

Too many merchant affiliates (and affiliate marketers tell a longer story about their company and the great products they have, their expertise), all of which sound great but are empty.

The customer does not care about these. So when this is in your merchant's copy, expect the customer to grab their mouse and click to another site.

Here are other suggestions to create for yourself your own identity that sets you apart from your merchant affiliate, wherein your customer can perceive you in a better light.

For an affiliate marketer, the customers are significant assets. Therefore, it only fits that everything is done to draw them to your site and identify you as a reliable product provider.

When you have branded yourself as an affiliate marketer, you are set apart from the so many websites today offering their brand of services and their kind of selling.

Following this, you start to attract more customers per click.

Rate Your Merchant Not As An Affiliate Marketer?

Your merchant's past and present operations play a significant role in how your customers will rate you.

Again, you can find this out through the merchant's existing affiliates.

Find out the paying rate of your merchant. Some merchants will credit you with sales from your previous referral that now clicked directly to their site.

Selecting The Right Product As An Affiliate Marketer

Be sure about the product that you are selling. Again this is an excellent source of disappointment and the falling out of customers from and affiliates customers' list.

If the customers you refer are delivered with low-quality products or do not receive a service stipulated in a sales agreement, then your website suffers.

A dissatisfied customer is a ripe ground for negative word-of-mouth advertising.

Instead, you want to brand yourself as a reliable seller. This is often the only way of longevity in the business.

The Market Price

Make sure also that the products your merchant is selling are not overpriced. If a similar product can be purchased in the regular outlets at much lower list prices, your site will receive an adverse reaction.

The Product's Price Perceptions

One of the things that do multi-level marketing (MLM) as a pushing channel is that there has been a perception that it sometimes sells overpriced products.

The term overpriced is ambiguous jargon, but there is no telling how a customer reacts when he feels that he could have gotten the same product or service elsewhere for a reduced price.

Quality Of Product And Reputation Of The Affiliate Program

OptinMonster Reviews and Testiomonials
Optinmonster Reviews and Testimonials

Check for testimonials. Find out from other marketing affiliates of the merchant. The products' quality must deliver what it claims.

Imagine being referred yourself to a website only to find out later that the products offered to you lived short of what they promised. Your customers will feel the same. You would never want to be identified with the merchant again.

To be sure of the quality of a product, some marketing affiliates try out the affiliate products of the merchant.

Doing this offers a lot of advantages for you and your customer. Not in the least is the confidence to deliver a product that you are satisfied with.

The affiliate merchants have also been on the receiving end of some of the risks of trickery and affiliate scams that crowd even in the best market conditions.

As a result, they are creating innovations, practices, formulas, and sales mixes to protect themselves and advance this side of marketing that is proving to be one of the most effective marketing tools on the internet.


The affiliate marketing program has been gaining ground since its inception. However, it is continuing and is a far cry from its beginnings in 1996.

Improvements and innovations are being adopted because it is an excellent tool for advancing marketing concepts through the web.

Affiliate marketing is a deep ocean of wealth, and it's a long term game. But, of course, it depends upon you how much you extract from the sea.

In the comment section, let me know which quality you think is a must for affiliate marketers to imbibe to create their own identity as affiliate marketers.

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