Case Study: Do Comment Backlinks Works To Increase Rankings?

Case Study Do Comment Backlinks Works To Increase Page Rank

Every blogger requires backlinks, but you know it's a tedious process. Thus, in this case, study, you will get to know does Comment Backlinks work?

Comment backlink is the method to get backlinks from other websites by commenting on their posts and adding your website link inside your comment.

But the question is: do Comment Backlinks really work to Increase Rankings?

So, without wasting time, let's jump straight to the answer.

Prerequisites Of This Case Study

Five months back I bought a domain that was from BlueHost.

The target keyword for the website was “SEO for custom-built websites”. It was just a blogging website. I bought this website to try out experiments on SEO including WordPress SEO, and share it with my audience.

Then I did set up my website by installing a custom-designed WordPress theme, installing useful plugins, etc. This took me almost around one month.

For the remaining four months I had zero content on that website. Only it was well-designed, and I kept experimenting with it.

Take a look at my domain details.

My Domain Information

  • Domain bought on: 1/02/2020 with PR zero
  • Domain Page rank was #3 on July 15th, 2020.
  • Website Name:
  • Hosting Provider: BlueHost
  • CMS Used: WordPress
  • Theme: Custom-Designed WordPress theme
  • No Of Published Articles: 0

What Did I Do In Four Months?

After one month of designing and setting up my website, I focused on getting backlinks before I published any content on my website.

For creating backlinks, I decided to check whether or not comment backlinks work. I wanted to see the results. So I reserved the time for four months.

Within these four months, I started to comment on the website that had high domain authority and Page Rank (PR).

I used to give positive reviews to posts and added my views with my website link. I continued it for four months.

But one thing that should be cleared is that I never spammed on any websites. I used to read the complete post and then write my thoughts on it.

While doing this experiment, I also used the top commentator or recent commentator WordPress plugin. This helped me a lot in my experiment.

The outcome was quite surprising. I got backlinks from many websites that had high domain authority and PR. Some of them were do-follow while some were no-follow.

My website actually reached from PR #0 to PR#3. I got a smile on my face.

But, did I get any advantage of having PR #3 without having any content?

The answer is NO!

Many beginner bloggers have a myth that is “the website that has good Page Rank (PR) gets more traffic”.

But truly speaking, it is completely wrong!

What do you think if you have Page Rank #3? Then you must be getting at least 100-1000 visits a day? The reality is you don't even get 100 visitors per month.

But since Page Rank is Google's ranking signal, you need to work on improvising it.

What Did I Do After Four Months?

After four months I started optimizing my website, for example,

  • Optimized the theme for faster performance.
  • Created a custom sitemap for my website.
  • Submitted that Sitemap to Search Engines like Google and Bing.
  • Optimized Meta tags, meta keywords, and Off-Page SEO.
  • Worked on On-Page Optimization.

After doing this, I actually sold the domain for a higher cost. And now the domain has expired. I was sad to hear that since I have worked hard on it.


The answer to the question “Does Comment Backlinks Work To Increase Page Rank?” is Yes.

Comment Backlinks will help you in uplifting Page Rank and link building as well. The backlinks that you get can either be do-follow or no-follow.

Google's Ranking Algorithm usually gives preference to do-follow links.

So, whenever you read any post, make sure you give a positive comment to the post by giving your site link. But don't spam on any website.

I also suggest you read my post on the List Of 25 Do-follow Forums For Link Building and The 5 Benefits Of Building Links For SEO To Rank Higher In Google. This will help you a lot in getting backlinks.

Now, I would like to hear from you what other methods of getting high-quality backlinks to your website are. If you know any comment below.

Case Study Do Comment Backlinks Works To Increase Page Rank
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