List Of 25 Do-follow Forums For Link Building

Do-Follow Forums For Link Building

Every blogger knows the importance of link building. Do-follow backlinks play a vital role in boosting your search engine ranking.

The struggle with the bloggers and beginners SEOs in link building is they don't find a perfect source for creating do-follow backlinks.

Thus, in this post, I am excited to share the high authority forums that you can refer to build backlinks for your website and rank higher.

Note: Please use these forums to provide quality content from your side. Don't indulge in creating spam links and disturbing the internet ecosystem.

So here is the list of forums to get do-follow backlinks for your website—find a forum in your niche and refer it.

  1. V7nForum
  2.  Joomla Forum
  3. CNET Forum
  4. Mysql Forum
  5. Digital point Forum
  6. Site Point Forum
  7.  Warrior forum
  8.  Deviantart
  9.  File Sharing Forum
  10.  Geek Village Forum
  11. MyGame Builder Forum
  12.  PhpBB Forum
  13. Web-hosting Forum
  14. GardenWeb
  15. FileZilla Forum
  16. Antionline
  17. XDA developers forum
  18. What is my IP
  19. Ubuntu forums
  20. Audacity forum
  21. Windows Forum
  22. SEOChat forum
  23. Cheftalk forum
  24. Business Advice Forum
  25. IDPF

If you didn't find a forum in your niche, you can search for this keyword on Google to find the forums in your niche:

“keyword forum”
“keyword” + “forum”
and “keyword” + “forums”

Replace the “Keyword” with your niche and after searching you will find the list of high authority forums in your niche.

Do-Follow Forums For Link Building
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Forums are like having live focus groups for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

After writing the quality post, find or refer to do-follow forums to find if anyone needs help on the topic you have written about.

You can sum up your post and give the link to your post. This way you won't look spammy, and you will get the do-follow backlinks from that forum.

The other benefits of being active on forums are:

  1. You can drive the traffic from the forum by giving your website link.
  2. You also get keywords that you can use while writing your post.
  3. The forum gives you a wide exposure to the mentality of the audience in your niche.
  4. You can also add the people in the forum to your subscriber's list.

If you are into the niche of marketing and advertising, you can refer to these forums: WarriorForum, V7nForum, and Digital point forum.

Conclusion: Do-Follow Forums

With concluding this list of 25 do-follow forums for links building, I suggest you be active on these forums for the Do-follow attribute since the developer may remove your post or link because of excessive spam.

Just make sure you don't spam on any of these forums.

If you know more, do-follow forums for link building, then feel free to comment below.

Do-Follow Forums For Link Building
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