How To Find And Fix All 404 Error Pages Using GSC

How To Find 404 Error Pages using Google Search Console

As a blogger, you don't want to hamper your SEO and ranking. One thing on your website that ruins your traffic and ranking is 404 error pages on your website.

404 error commonly called “page not found” error is HTTP standard response code that denotes the server could not find what was requested.

You can opt for many paid SEO tools like SEMRush, Mangools, Ahrefs, UberSuggests, etc to find these 404 error pages.

But in this post, I will share with you how you can find 404 error pages using Google Search Console.

So, without wasting time let's get started.

How To Find 404 Error Pages Using Google Search Console

Google Search Console (GSC)
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Now, I will share with you how you can use the Google Search Console to find all 404 pages and fix them.

How to Find and Fix 404 Error pages using Google Search Console?

1. Log in to the Google Search Console Account.
2. Click on Coverage and then Crawl errors.
3. Then click on “not found”.
4. GSC will show you the complete list of all the links with 404 errors.
5. Click on any URL that you want to check.
6. You will find the pages with the broken links.
7. You can replace external links if they are broken.
8. For your website's internal broken links you can 301 redirection and link to the original link.
9. Redirecting it or removing those links will solve the issue of 404 error pages.

There may be some external links that are broken because of any reason you can contact the website owner to either fix the link or set up a 301 redirection on your site.

Some WordPress plugins can help you in this process:

  1. Redirection WordPress plugin to set redirection.
  2. Broken link checker plugin to find all broken links within your WordPress website
  3. Integrity (desktop tool) for Mac users used to find broken links.

If you use premium SEO tools like SEMRush, UberSuggests, Ahrefs, and Mangools, you can refer to these two videos to know how you can find and fix broken links and 404 pages.


If you have a huge website then fixing 404 pages and broken links would be a bit tedious task. As I say as a marketer, prefer long terms success over short wins.

Fixing these 404 pages will elevate your rankings and user experience of your website. Hence you should invest your time in improving your error pages and finding technical SEO errors.

If your website is large and if you are finding the process difficult use premium SEO tools like SEMRush they provide a free 14-day trial.

Do let me know in the comment section if you have any queries fixing your broken link or 404 error page.

Also, these posts might be helpful to you if you are a complete beginner:

How To Find 404 Error Pages using Google Search Console
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