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Your online business's success is critically dependent on your choice of web hosting. By compromising your hosting, you will compromise sales and revenue.

This is the most comprehensive and honest “HostGator Review” ever written. Therefore, this article will discuss how HostGator can positively and negatively influence your business. If you read this “HostGator Review”, you'll get a good idea of whether it's a good option for you.

Have a look at what I will be covering in this review.

HostGator Review
  • Uptime
  • Support
  • Loading Speed
  • Features
  • Performance


In terms of shared hosting, HostGator is the best and reliable option if you are just beginning. This package comes with everything you need at a reasonable price. As your website grows, your hosting plan can be easily upgraded.

HostGator Review

HostGator Hompage

My HostGator review will demonstrate how we tested their promises. My focus will be on the following areas:

  • Is your site available 24x7x365 without any downtime?
  • What is the loading speed of HostGator's servers? Analyzing performance will be done by running our own tests.
  • Are they reliable when it comes to customer support? Can you easily get help if necessary?
  • Are the features they offer help in creating and managing your website easily?
  • What is their pricing? Do they have the best deals in the industry?

Following is a summary of our HostGator review score and my conclusion, in case you don't want to dig through all the details.

HostGator FeaturesReview
SPEED707 ms (Updated)
UPTIME99.95% (Updated)
SUPPORT24/7 Live Chat
APPSOver 75 Apps Supported
FEATURES1) Unmetered Bandwidth and Storage
2) Single Email Account
3) Free Domain 1st Year
4) SSL Certificate
5) 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
APPS1) WordPress
2) Joomla, Drupal
3) PhpBB
HOSTING PLANS1) Shared Cloud
2) WordPress
3) VPS
4) Dedicated Servers
SITE TRANSFERSingle Free Site Transfer
PRICINGStarting at $2.75/mo (renews at $6.95/mo)

HostGator Review: Pros and Cons

There is no shortage of web hosting providers available today that offer you affordable solutions, fancy features, and exceptional customer service. However, it can be challenging to figure out which hosting service provider you should go with.

This article analyzes one of the most popular web hosting on the market today, HostGator. To see if what is on offer makes sense for you to run a successful web business. Web hosting services come with both pros and cons. There are some you can let go of, but some you cannot.

My evaluation of HostGator includes these pros and cons.


  • 99.9% server-uptime guarantee
  • Good Load Time 707 ms
  • Unlimited storage & bandwidth
  • Free domain name
  • Free SSL Certificate with Let's Encrypt
  • Site Security Features Available
  • Free Site & cPanel Migrations
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 1-Click WordPress Installation
  • 45 days moneyback guarantee


  • Poor backups (High Cost)
  • Higher monthly pricing
  • Aggressive upselling add-ons
  • No staging options
  • Uptime could be a little better

HostGator Review: Speed and Performance Tests


“Studies show that a 1-second drop in website speed can decrease your conversion rate by 7%. A 3-second delay can cost you 50% of your traffic.”

HostGator is a popular hosting company, but do they perform the best? I have tested them and put them to the test.

I did test the performance of HostGator to answer one question – is HostGator worth the price? Of course, hosting companies are often expensive, but how does HostGator stack up against its competitors?

Before the test, I have installed Astra Theme on WordPress, which is hosted on HostGator without any caching plugin installed.

Here are the results:

1. Analyzing With “Pingdom”

HostGator Review: Pingdom Speed Test

Here is a screenshot of my test site loading in only 1.19 seconds.

Considering this website is so new and has no traffic, judging its performance through a speed test alone is not the best method. However, I was interested in seeing how it performed under peak load.

K6 (formerly LoadImpact) is the tool I used to test this. To increase the number of users on the site, I sent virtual users to it. I gradually increased the volume of users until 100 users were on the site simultaneously.

Some other tests I did gave these results:

TestAverage Loading Time
GTmetrix test2.95 s
Pingdom test1.64 s
PageSpeed Insights 2.32 s

2. HostGator Traffic Test

The following chart shows the results:

HostGator Review: Average Response Time

Page speed is represented in blue on the chart, and the number of users is represented in green. With an average response time of 203 milliseconds, my website performed very well throughout the test.

Considering that this is a shared hosting account, these results are extremely impressive.

There are many web hosting service providers that promise 99.99% uptime. Using my account, I created an alert to monitor uptime. Below is a screenshot showing the uptime of HostGator's servers.

HostGator Review: Uptime Moniter

3. HostGator Server Response Time

HostGator Review: Average Response Time

Website content has a considerable impact on page loading time. For example, it can increase the page load time if your website contains many images.

It affects the results of a speed test run on your server. This test was intended to find out how fast the HostGator server is.

My tool of choice was Bitcatcha, which I used to test this. Different from other tools that test the speed of websites, it works differently. The server is not loaded with content, but rather its response time is tested.

I had a great experience reviewing HostGator. I was able to get a server response within a second. U.S. citizens had just 26 milliseconds to wait.

The result indicates that your site will load rapidly across the globe.

HostGator Review: Features

Since HostGator offers almost everything hosting-related, their wide range of features and plans can sometimes be confusing.

Hence I have simplified all HostGator's Features in the tabular form so that you don't need to search for them anywhere else.

Ease of UseThey have a confusing registration process, and their add-ons are expensive add-ons you are unlikely to need. Their backend, however, is intuitive and modern-looking. HostGator's system will feel familiar to anyone who has used a cPanel-based service before. It is common to see advertisements for their upsells and add-ons. However, if you cancel your account, it will result in your hosting package (and website) being immediately halted.
Domain NamesWhile HostGator sells domain names, it isn't the leading domain name registrar. There are cheaper options, such as Namecheap, like the $12.95 first-year cost of a .com domain. However, renewals are $17.99 – so it is essential to keep that in mind.
Email RatingUnlimited email accounts and unlimited email storage are included in all HostGator plans. Although you are restricted to sending 500 emails per hour, it isn't ideal for sending bulk mail.
DatabasesThere are no limitations to the number of databases you can have. Additionally, there is no limit to the size of your databases.
Domain PrivacyWhat is it? Domain privacy is a service that prevents domain registration data from being publicly available on the internet.
ApplicationsTheir easy-to-use installer allows you to set up the most popular CMS like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, or Joomla.
Webspace LimitIn addition to storage, HostGator also does not impose limits. Nevertheless, you are only permitted to store web files, emails, and user-generated content. So think twice before using HostGator as your cloud storage solution for creating a photography website to store high-resolution images.
Monthly Data Transfer LimitBandwidth isn't restricted.
FTP Accounts and Secure FTPUnlimited FTP accounts are allowed; FTPS (secure) is also possible.
Server LocationHostGator has all its data centres in the U.S.: Texas and Utah.
Security FeaturesHacker attacks (such as DDoS) can be prevented with HostGator's custom firewall. Unfortunately, their activities aren't revealed too much, probably because they aren't comfortable disclosing it. Free SSL certificates are provided, along with SSH access. To enhance security, you can add an external paid app (SiteLock). Security issues will be detected by scanning and monitoring your files with this tool.
Server SpeedHostGator uses PHP 7 (not the default), which is a faster solution than PHP 5. SSD drives are not installed in their servers. Unfortunately, HostGator's shared hosts do not appear to use HTTP/2 or custom caching, both crucial to speed.
UptimeHostGator has appreciable uptime as like as Bluehost and other premium hostings. They have maintained an uptime of 99.99%, and that's pretty good.
BackupsYour site will be backed up once a week, but only if your account has less than 20 G.B. (and 100,000 inodes). One backup is all they keep, which is ridiculous. Backups are handled more intelligently by most other providers. HostGator is not compatible, so you'll have to purchase a third-party solution. Your backups can be created and downloaded from cPanel.
CDNHostGator doesn't have its CDN. But they provide effective integration with Cloudflare.
Server FeaturesPHP 5 & 7 can be run on their server, and MySQL databases are available. Additionally, Python, Perl, and Ruby On Rails can be used. Nevertheless, there are a few missing features, such as staging areas or server-side caching systems. Furthermore, it does not include advanced features like staging areas or Git servers.
Refunds and GuaranteesHostGator comes with a 45-day money-back policy. If you have a domain name, however, your money will not be returned. Please be aware that this only applies to hosting services. In addition, they guarantee a 99.9% uptime, and if it drops below that, they refund you.
Hostgator Customer ServiceThe company offers 24×7 online chat support, email, and phone support. Their customer service support staff was fantastic; he answered all my questions.

HostGator Review: Plans And Prices

In terms of HostGator pricing, the first thing you'll notice is that the first term is heavily discounted. In addition to a free domain name (if ordering a year or more extended plan). Both prices are always mentioned, so there are no unpleasant surprises.

Following are the HostGator's Plans that they offer to you.

Shared Hosting PlanIts hosting plans are suited for smaller and medium-sized projects that expect thousands of visitors per month. I would recommend getting this one, at least to get started. The price ranges from $8.95 to $16.95.
WordPress HostingHosting optimized for WordPress: For those looking for shared hosting. Pricing starts at $12.95 for one site and goes all the way up to $81.95 per month. 
VPSVirtual Private Servers are virtual servers. The concept is similar to that of a dedicated server divided into smaller sub-servers using specific software configurations. A HostGator VPS plan starts at $80 per month.
Dedicated ServerDedicated servers are probably best suited to projects with tens of thousands of visitors each month or projects that need a powerful computer. There will be no sharing of resources on your server. Starting at $180 per month, HostGator offers you your dedicated server.
Cloud HostingIt is like having a network of connected servers, which means your website is not hosted on the same server. The amount of RAM and CPU can be added or removed as needed. HostGator cloud hosting starts at $10.95 a month.
Website BuilderUsers looking to create their website easily can also use the Gator website builder, requiring no technical knowledge. However, the product is still in development despite its value, and other site builders offer more for less.

If you purchase HostGator, be aware that the purchase process always pushes you to buy the longer deals.

For instance, it's 36 months plan and adds on extras (e.g. SiteLock) that you may not need.

In addition, their backup options are almost non-existent, as they only keep copies of your website once a week, daily, and monthly.

HostGator does, however, offer an extra backup add-on that costs around $25 extra per year. You will also be charged $25 every time you retrieve a backup from them, as well as a $25 fee if you choose to restore from one of their backups. I find those additional charges an unacceptable hidden cost.

HostGator Shared Hosting Plans and Prices

Allowed domains1UnlimitedUnlimited
Support24 hours24 hours24 hours
Max. number of Inodes(similar to the number of files)250,000 inodes250,000 inodes250,000 inodes
Backup *Weekly(only 1 available)Weekly(only 1 available)Weekly(only 1 available)
Backup restore cost$25 per restoration$25 per restoration$25 per restoration
Dedicated I.P.NoNoYes
First-term prices for 1-year deals$5.95 a month $8.95 a month$8.95 a month
Renewal price for 1-year deals$8.95 a month$11.95 a month$16.95 a month

Hosting unlimited websites is included in the Baby package. Businesses looking for dedicated I.P. addresses should choose the Business Tier.

Multiple domain names can be hosted on the same hosting account with Baby and Business hosting options.

Further, providing your WordPress website with free CDN protection can protect it from malware and attacks. The CodeGuard and SiteLock add-ons are also offered during checkout. In general, beginners do not need them immediately, so they can be skipped if not required.

Since the prices of HostGator are lower, I highly recommend you to start with HostGator, or if you have a high budget, I recommend reading my “BlueHost Review” and go with Bluehost.

HostGator WordPress Hosting Plans and Prices

HostGator Review: WordPress Hosting Prices

HostGator VPS Hosting Plans and Prices

HostGator Review: VPS Hosting Prices

HostGator Dedicated Hosting Plans and Prices

HostGator Review: Dedicated Hosting Prices

HostGator Review: Security Features

Hostgator is a popular web hosting provider. They are well known for their affordable services. They have been in the industry since 2002 and have been providing quality hosting solutions with security to their clients.

Hostgator also provides an excellent security system for its clients. It will monitor your website 24/7. They will respond when they detect any malicious activity on your website or your account.

HostGator Review: Support and Customer Service

I tested both HostGator's online chat feature and its telephone support 24/7.

In the afternoon of a weekday, I called HostGator support to ask how to import my blog into my HostGator site. Again, I was satisfied with the detailed instructions I received via email.

I was given a two-minute wait time when I entered my question into HostGator's webchat after I started the chat and typed the inquiry into the form. However, I received easy-to-understand instructions from the customer service representative less than a minute later.

Moreover, the knowledge base at HostGator is very comprehensive. It contains answers to almost all questions, ranging from very simple to very advanced. The customer service that HostGator offers is excellent.

My top pick for advanced users, DreamHost, offers an even better guarantee, with an impressive 97-day period, which surpasses the 45-day guarantee offered by nearly all of its competitors.

HostGator Review: Customer Service Expection

Finally, I have thoroughly explained all the features, pros, cons, pricing, etc., honestly, so it's time to determine how satisfied HostGator customers are.

Your doubts will be cleared by looking at this image. According to their customer service expectations, I have compared some of the popular hosting companies.

I received the following feedback.

Customer Service Expectations Hosting

Having concluded honesty and confidence, it's time for the verdict. Therefore, I have provided the conclusion of the “HostGator Honest Review in 2021”.

Choose HostGator Hosting If

The shared hosting from HostGator is suitable for those seeking a provider who does not limit bandwidth usage and offers generous storage.

Additionally, it's an excellent choice if you need to work with other programming languages in addition to PHP. There is no restriction on Perl, Python, or Ruby On Rails usage.

My experience with EIG hosting has been very positive with HostGator. However, I believe that there are more suitable alternative services such as Bluehost or SiteGround at similar prices.

HostGator has an interface that is easy to use, but it's not suitable for larger projects despite its ease of use. It is not recommended for hosting-dependent projects such as online stores or large businesses.

Since HostGator doesn't have SSDs installed in their server, you may face little downtime or a slow website if you load up the servers with requests that your website sends to the servers.

The most concerning thing to me is that they don't include a backup system since one weekly backup isn't enough for many locals online businesses (at least for me, it's not enough), but it won't bother beginners.

Since, according to the stats, beginner bloggers can opt for monthly backup since it is enough for their needs. After you grow your blog, you can go with their daily backup add-on.

Conclusion: Final Verdict

You may be wondering, after reading our HostGator review, if HostGator is right for you? 

Hosting plans from HostGator is suitable for every budget and need. In addition, their website builder includes all the tools you might need.

Currently, HostGator servers are trusted by 2 million+ customers. The Web Hosting Center offers every tool needed to make your website the best it can be, no matter your experience with the internet or whether you are just getting started.

With all their hosting plans, the company provides expert customer support 24×7. One of the best parts of this plan is that it comes in different budget options.

In terms of shared hosting, HostGator is the best and reliable option if you are just beginning. This package comes with everything you need at a reasonable price. In addition, as your website grows, your hosting plan can be easily upgraded.

You can use WooCommerce and WordPress along with HostGator to launch a beautiful and functional website or blog.

Finally, HostGator is one of the best choices for beginners since it provides quality at a lower price. As a result, you can trust them and create websites that generate high revenue.

If you loved my detailed review, I request you to buy HostGator from below. It will make my day😄.


1. Is HostGator trustworthy?

HostGator offers a varied selection of plans to small businesses and consumers and is extremely easy to use. I recommend HostGator as one of the best web hosts after Bluehost.

2. Is HostGator suitable for beginners?

Yes, HostGator best bloggers or webmasters. Moreover, it is the best WordPress Hosting service for bloggers on a low budget. It comes with a free domain name so that you can start your website at a cheaper rate.

3. Is GoDaddy better than HostGator?

Yes, With an uptime of 99.99%, HostGator has a slight edge over GoDaddy, 99.97%. So if you are looking for better performance, you should go with HostGator.

4. Who is better than HostGator?

Bluehost is a better choice than HostGator, but Bluehost has an extra edge, invaluable features and value for money. Nevertheless, both are excellent hosting with over 10 million domains hosted.

5. Is HostGator fast?

Yes, HostGator's one of the fastest hosting providers with a 1.190 sec average load time and 143.4 ms of average response time. Hence Hostgator is a cheaper and quicker solution for beginners bloggers and webmasters.

6. Is HostGator US-based?

HostGator is a web hosting and domain name company. They were founded in Houston, Texas, in 2002 by Brent Oxley. Hostgator has grown to be one of the largest providers of shared, reseller, virtual private server, and dedicated web hosting.

7. Is HostGator an American company?

Yes, HostGator is a web hosting and domain provider founded in Houston, Texas, in 2002 by Brent Oxley.

8. What is HostGator used for?

For your website or blog to be live on the web, you need two things: to host the site and to have a domain name. Hostgator is a web hosting company that hosts blogs and websites online, plus it provides expertise in purchasing domain names.

9. Which is best, HostGator or Hostinger?

HostGator has performed relatively better than Hostinger in terms of price, reliability, features, and more. At the same time, Hostinger is a cheaper solution than HostGator.

10. Is SiteGround better than HostGator?

Yes, SiteGround is counted as one of the most premium hosting available in the market. In terms of speed and performance, SiteGround performance is 1.5 times faster than HostGator.

11. Does HostGator provide email?

Yes, the HostGator shared hosting server has a feature that allows you to host your email if you are not using Google Workspace.

12. Does HostGator offer an online store?

To build an online store using HostGator, you can install WordPress and WooCommerce Plugin to create an online e-commerce website. Or an alternative option would be “Shopify”, which allows you to start your online store with their managed hosting.

14. How much does it cost to host a website on HostGator?

HostGator Shared hosting price ranges from $2.75 to $5.95 per month. If you opt for WordPress hosting, then it ranges from $5.95 to $9.95 per month.

15. How many websites are hosted on Hostgator?

Their more than 2 million websites hosted on HostGator till now.

16. Does Hostgator use SSD?

No, HostGator hasn't shifted to SSDs. If you want to host your website on a high-speed server, then you can go with Bluehost. However, for beginners, HostGator is a better and cheaper option.

17. Does HostGator use CDN?

Yes, Hostgator comes with in-built and free CDN integration via the Cloudflare network.

18. HostGator Customer Service number?

0824 661 4102

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