How Long Does It Take To Rank On Google Organically?

So, you wrote a new article on your website today, and you want to rank on Google.

It’s kind of like planting a seed, you pick your piece of dirt.

You open it up and you pop your article in it, and then you close it up and you wait for the amazing Google machine to start ranking it on Google.

Well, the question for today’s post is how long does it take to rank on Google organically?


Firstly, Google has never ever revealed the time it takes to rank organically.

It means we have no official answer. But according to the statistics and experiments conducted, we have got an estimated time needed.

So, the answer is “it takes 3-6 months to rank in Google organically“.

But in this post, you will see why and how it takes time to rank in Google and outrank your competitors.

What Is Meant By Rank In Google?

Firstly, you should know Google is the most widely used Search Engine across the world.

Google has captured almost 92% of the market share as a search engine.

But what does it mean to rank high in Google?

In simple words, ranking in Google simply means creating an online presence of your website on the web.

If you create a page and Google indexes it in its database, it is called indexing.

The position at which your website is showing on Google is called rank in Google.

Importance Of Higher Rank In Google.

Now, you will know why it’s important to rank on Google every time you publish a post.

Take a look at the SEO case study.

While I was doing the research, I found an amazing report by MOZ.

It said the first page of the SERP gets 71.33% of all organic clicks, and the second gets almost 5.59% clicks, and the third and so on.

Also, the top 5 websites that ranked on the first page had over 67.6% CTR, whereas results 6 through 10 account for a good 3.73%.

Hence, the conclusion is people searching in Google don’t want to click on the second or the third site.

Another SEO case study also shows that if you rank on the first page of Google, then, your website is 13 times more likely to be clicked on than if your website was on the second page and further.

This is very important to rank higher in Google. By higher, I mean the first position.

How Long Had Top Ranking Website Taken To Rank?

Let’s now see how long popular websites have taken to get that first position of SERP organically?

It’s quite interesting to know.

Ahrefs has studied over 2 million websites and extracted the data.

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The graph answers the question pretty clearly.

The average Top10 ranking page is older than two years.

The #1 to and further websites took a minimum of three years to appear. Only 22% of pages that rank on the first page were developed and indexed within 1 year.

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In fact, only 22% of pages that currently rank on the first page were created within 1 year.

Don’t believe me, just check out this data:

The percentage of pages that are less than one year old in Google’s first 10 results.

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Hence, you can clearly conclude that the first SERP is completely filled with old pages that are older than 1 year.

How Long Does It Take To Rank On Google Organically?

A study was done with the help of Ahrafs crawlers by analyzing over 2 million pages.

They kept track of the top pages for almost 1 year. The crawler analyzed the top-ranking keyword of the highly popular website.

This is the track record of ranking performance of pages within 1 year.

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The results are quite surprising, right?

The data shows that among 2 million websites that were crawled only 5.7% of them rank in the Top10 search results within 1 year.

Some of the key points were:

  • Pages from websites with a high DR performed the most.
  • The pages with higher CTR rank higher faster than others.
  • The pages with a low bounce rate performed well.
  • The websites with more backlinks ranked much higher.

Now the data also shows that apart from 5.7% other pages managed to rank approximately within 61–182 days. That’s almost 3-6 months.

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You can conclude that it takes anywhere from 3–6 months to rank in Google’s Top10. Whereas 93.4% of the remaining pages were unsuccessful to rank in the Top10 within that time.

Now we will also look out for other matrices such as monthly search volume.

Let’s see if it affects the Search Engine Ranking?

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You can clearly see that 0.3% of pages in the top 10 for high search volume keywords in over less than one year.

You can also conclude that you can rank for low search volume keywords in a very short amount of time.

So, go for long-tail keywords to rank higher.


A. How long does it take to rank on google?

It takes almost 3-6 months to rank on the first page of SERP, whereas it takes almost 1 year to rank on the first position.

B. Which factors affect “Search Engine Rankings”?

1. Page-level factor.
2. Domain age.
3. Domain Rating (DR).
4. The number of quality Backlinks.
5. The CTR of the page.
6. Bounce Rate of the page.
7. The quality content.
8. User Experience of the page.
9. On-Page SEO.
10. Website Page Speed.

C. What’s the Fastest Way to Rank in Google?

The best and the fastest way to rank on Google is to choose long-tail keywords and optimize your website around those keywords. Try to focus on the low-hanging fruits initially.


Comment down did my post give a definite answer to the “how long does it take to rank in Google organically” question?

Which method are you going to use now to optimize your page to rank faster?

Will you improve your CTR first or the page speed? By the way, Core Web Vitals are also the ranking signal now.

So make sure you optimize your CLS, LCP, and FID.

Please also let me know what your experiences are. I would love to hear it.

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