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In this post, I will be discussing how to spot affiliate marketing scams. Just like in any industry, there are scam artists within the affiliate marketing industry looking to defraud others out of their time and money.

The internet is a wonderful tool that we can use to communicate with others that are vast distances away and make tons of money in many ways. It is no wonder that there are scammers online that we must watch out for.

Affiliate Marketing is a multi-billion-dollar industry, so it is no wonder that this industry would fall victim to these fraudsters.

Since the internet has a level of anonymity it is a lot easier for people to hide who they are while committing fraudulent acts. You can easily get overwhelmed and quite lost in the internet world.

You must be forever vigilant and do your research to protect yourself. Without further ado, I will be providing you with a few tips to help you spot affiliate marketing scams right away.

1. Get Rich Quick Schemes (Biggest Affiliate Marketing Scam)

Get rich quick schemes have been around for a very long time and unfortunately, they exist in many different industries even affiliate marketing. If you run into one of these offers, run in the other direction.

The tactics that are used are promises of earning loads of cash without doing much of anything for it. These get-rich-quick schemes make their money off us selling us dreams and empty promises, not anything of value for us affiliate marketers.

Think about it, if you had the secret to making extreme amounts of cash without lifting a finger would you sell your secret for $5, $20, or even $1000? Most people wouldn’t, they would keep it to themselves.

Using common sense when confronted with these types of offers is imperative. I don’t know if anyone has a successful business making lots of cash that didn’t have to work hard for it. Do you? Comment below.

2. Fictitious Products/Services

Affiliate Marketing Scams: Choose Right Product/Service

Creating fictitious services and products is another scam that exists in the affiliate marketing industry. Affiliate marketers make money by promoting products and services from legit companies.

However, scammers make up bogus products or services with the intent of attracting marketers. If they are successful, then they try to extract small amounts of cash for access to promote their services with the promise of a high rate of return on the small investment. Don’t Fall for it!

Be sure that you research the products and services that you are promoting to be sure they are legitimate.

3. Paid Programs/Memberships – Affiliate Marketing Scams

Affiliate Marketing programs and memberships present great opportunities for affiliate marketers as they provide access to many distinct companies with excellent products and services.

These memberships are usually free to join. I have never been required to pay a fee to become a member.

If you are asked to pay to join an affiliate program you should be suspicious. It is most likely a scam. Always do your due diligence and research the company to ensure that everything is legit.

I have at least 15 affiliate program memberships and not one asked me for any type of payment. Don’t let yourself become a victim!

4. Fake Marketing Training or Courses

Unfortunately, fake marketing training and courses are a very common scam on the internet. Scammers take advantage of people trying to get training on how to make money online working from home. The products used are offered through DVDs, eBooks, videos, webinars, etc.

When the scammers advertise these services, there are big promises made that their product is the best in the industry or guaranteed to make you rich.

Basically, they are offering their secret sauce. One that has not been proven and does not have true testimonials.

Sometimes the product that you end up purchasing is a duplicated process already online created by someone else. The truth is you never know what you are going to get.

When I started my online business, I did a lot of research. I ended up joining Wealthy Affiliate which is a well-known training university that drives success. I was able to try it out for free as they offer a free membership.

You can check out my Wealthy Affiliate review for more details on Google. This platform shows you how to build your business step-by-step. There are not a lot of programs out there that will walk you through that process.

Again, when choosing a platform for building your business be picky and educated. The internet gives you all the access you need for that.

5. Screenshots of Income Reports/Bank Statements

Another scam that you need to be on the lookout for is income reports being presented as evidence of success.

Many times, these are doctored screenshots with figures that are inflated being shown as the actual paycheck amount or PayPal deposit.

Not all income reports or bank statements are phony, however, you must be able to trust the source. The likelihood of that is slim to none.

Many of these scammers go the extra mile to defraud you even cloning websites to look like legitimate companies or bank accounts.


I hope this article has helped you on how to spot affiliate marketing scams so that you may protect yourself in the future. Unfortunately, with technological advances, we must be extra careful to not fall victim to these schemes.

In short, if it sounds too good to be true most likely it is. Using your common sense can save you from most scams.

Use the internet for what it is for and research companies, products, or services that you are about to affiliate yourself with. It will save you a world of pain and money in the end.

If you have any further questions, comments, or would like to add anything please do so below.

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