What Are LSI Keywords And How To Use Them To Rank Higher

What Are LSI Keywords And How To Use Them To Rank Higher

Choosing the right keyword is very important before writing your post. The additional technique of doing effective keyword research is to find LSI keywords.

In today's post, I will share with you three main aspects:

  1. What are LSI Keywords?
  2. How to find LSI Keywords?
  3. How to use LSI Keywords in your post?

So without wasting time, let's dive right in.

What Are LSI Keywords?

LSI keywords stand for Latent Semantic Index keywords. LSI is a program that is designed to analyze and understand various synonyms about a context.

In simple words, Google can now understand synonyms used in your post.

For example, Google now understands SEO as Search Engine Optimization. More clearly, if I say “I am surfing the internet” or “I am surfing the web”. Google understands that it is the same.

Thus, the Latent Semantic Index program understands synonyms of contexts. It's always beneficial to find and use LSI keywords in your post, so that search engines get a clear idea of what your content is all about.

Now that you have got what is LSI keyword, take a look at how you can find LSI keywords.

How To Find LSI Keywords?

Besides, many free and paid keyword research tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, Mangools, KWFinder, etc you can find LSI keywords for free.

I will share with you the method of finding LSI keywords using Google for free. Since that data comes straight from Google, it is authentic and will give you extraordinary results.

To find LSI terms, search on Google for your target keyword. For example,“Royalty-Free Images”.

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Here you can see the different keywords having the same meaning. This is how you find keywords using Google Search.

Another method of finding LSI keywords is by using Google-related searches. You also use related searches to find keywords as well. Read my post on Keyword Research to know more.

Search for your target keyword in Google Search, then scroll down at the bottom of the page you will see Related Searches.

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Here you will also find LSI Keywords and other keywords related to your target keywords that people are searching for.

Now let's see another method of finding LSI Keywords using a paid tool.

Finding Latent Semantic Index Keywords Using SEMRush

SEMrush The Keyword Research Tool
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SEMRush is the best tool for keyword research, I believe.

I have already explained how to do keyword research in my keyword research guide. I suggest referring to that guide if you wish to find Latent Semantic Index keywords using a paid tool.

You can use another free option for finding LSI keywords is using Google Keyword Planner Tool. This is a free keyword research tool by Google.

You can also use other paid keyword research tools like:

  1. KwFinder
  2. Ahreafs
  3. Moz Keyword Explorer

This is how you find keywords using the SEMRush keyword research tool. Now I will share how you can use these Latent Semantic Index Keywords in your post.

How To Use Latent Semantic Index Keywords In Your Post?

Now it's time to use Latent Semantic Index Keywords in your posts.

If you want to create high-quality articles or posts, keyword research plays a major role. In addition to it, choosing the right keyword is equally important.

The ideal places to place your are:

  1. Text links
  2. Title
  3. URL
  4. Meta description
  5. Excerpts

But the only thing you need to make sure of is never ever do keyword stuffing. Mark my words, you will ruin your website quality and authority if you do keyword stuffing.

Stuffing hurts SEO in the long run, so avoid doing it.


Concluding the post, I would suggest you use the LSI keyword in your post wherever possible without hampering the quality and readability of your post.

Latent Semantic Index keywords are not used for the audience, but we are adding them to our post for search engines.

As a blogger, you need to optimize your content for both your audience as well as search engines.

Check out these posts, these will help to do effective keyword research:

Let me know in the comment section your thoughts on finding and choosing the right keywords to optimize your post for both SE and readers as well.

What Are LSI Keywords And How To Use Them To Rank Higher
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