The Importance of Mid-Year Client Assessment In Business

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Importance of Mid-Year Client Assessment – The difference between successful outsourcing companies to struggling competitors is the latter does not conduct a mid-year client assessment. Successful companies believe that conducting reviews can boost their business performance and help them retain clients and get rid of the bad ones.

The mid-year client assessment can be a good start if you want to see if your outsourcing company will push through or if you will be just one of the struggling companies looking for ways to keep the business running.

How does mid-year client assessment help your business?

It Simply Shows The Client That You Care For Them

Running an outsourcing company is not a piece of cake! You must show the clients that you are not just after the revenue. It would be best to start with the clients who showed signs of leaving for the past few months; start with them by emailing or calling them via phone.

While speaking to the client, let them know the progress, changes, and achievements you have made for their business. If the client is not available for a quick conversation, you can email them a detailed task list you have done for the first 6 months of the year.

Knowing The Clients’ Value And Appreciating Your Time

As your client base grows in your outsourcing company, you need to categorize each client you have. For instance, if client 1 makes you a lot of money and your team loves to work for him, then classify him as client A.

For client #2, if he makes you a lot of money but sometimes payment is delayed, consider him as client B. This assessment will help you analyze which of the clients you must let go of and which consume too much of your time and clients you’d love to work with for the rest of the year.

Mid-year client assessment can be time-consuming, but if it means keeping your good clients with you and getting rid of the difficult clients, it’s truly worth it.

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