Is Backlink Exchange Good Or Bad For SEO?

Is Backlink Exchange Good Or Bad For Your Website?

There are many opinions on the Backlink Exchange program. Every blogger has in mind one question before link building: “Is Backlink Exchange Good Or Bad For Your Website?”

In today's post, I will be answering the most asked question “Backlink Exchange good or bad”. Also, I will be giving you a solid reason so that you also have a clear stand on the backlink exchange programs.

Firstly, understand what the backlink exchange program is.

Is Backlink Exchange Good Or Bad For Your Website?
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Many websites on the internet allow you to add your site so that you get links from other sites and, in exchange, you need to link them as well.

The main principle of this program is “I will link you if you link me back”. This program is called a reciprocal linking program or backlink exchange program.

Bloggers use these websites to get backlinks. They find reciprocal linking programs an effective way to build links. But is it a good strategy to create backlinks using such a website or any other medium?

Let's understand if there any risks involved in using reciprocal linking programs.

..Excessive link exchanges, could “negatively impact your site’s ranking in search results.”
Source: Google


Don’t participate in link schemes designed to increase your site’s ranking or PageRank. In particular, avoid links to web spammers or “bad neighborhoods” on the web, as your own ranking may be affected adversely by those links.
Source: Google

A few website admins participate in link exchange schemes and construct accomplice pages only for cross-linking, dismissing the nature of the links, the sources, and the drawn-out sway it will have on their websites.

This is infringing upon Google's website admin rules and can adversely affect your webpage's positioning in SERP. Instances of link schemes can include:

  1. Backlinks planned to control PageRank.
  2. Backlinks to web spammers or illegal communities on the web.
  3. Purchasing or selling links that pass PageRank.

From Google's view, you might have understood that reciprocal linking or involving in link schemes to pass PageRank is absolutely unethical.

Thus, you should never involve in reciprocal links, link schemes, or backlink schemes.

Now I will share with you what are the risks involved in reciprocal linking.

As Google has said if you involve in link exchange programs you get at serious risk of ruining your website quality in the long run.

Since 2012, Google has likewise downgraded all links coming from private blogs and inferior quality nasty connections. This is one more valid justification why you ought to keep away from backlink exchange programs.

If you are linking to an unethical website with immoral content, your website quality and ranking will start declining in the long run.

Remember link exchange can benefit you surpass page rank in short term but in the long run, the only key to success is to provide quality content to your reader. Link only to those sites that can provide quality to your reader.

Outbound links are also part of your website so if you are linking to an immoral website you don't get trusted by your readers.

In blogging getting the trust of your readers is very important. If your reader trusts you he will buy your product or service.

Also, apart from reciprocal linking, you can follow various methods to build quality links from high-authority websites.

Also, apart from reciprocal linking, you can follow various methods to build quality links from high-authority websites.

As I said there are various other methods you can follow for building high-quality backlinks apart from indulging in useless backlink exchange programs:

  1. Write Guest Post.
  2. Press releases.
  3. Participate in community forums.
  4. Blog Commenting.
  5. Create Social Community.
  6. Link baiting.
  7. By creating Industrial targeted content.
  8. Submit to quality directories.

You can refer to my other posts as well you will definitely find them useful.


From this post, you understand that reciprocal linking, backlinks exchange programs, and link schemes are unethical ways of link building.

Reciprocal linking can benefit you in the short run but not in the long run.

So avoid such immoral methods of link building and follow the legitimate ways of link building that will benefit you in the long run.

Concluding the post remember, one high-quality backlink has much more importance over many poor backlinks from bogus websites.

Is Backlink Exchange Good Or Bad For Your Website?
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