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Need a cheaper and reliable hosting provider to get your website up and running then this Namecheap Review is the solution for your need? If you are feeling overwhelmed by the options for hosting, you're not alone all beginners face the same.

This is the most comprehensive and honest “Namecheap Review” ever written. Namecheap Hosting can have both positive and negative effects on your business, which is why this article will discuss both. When you read this “Namecheap Review”, you will get a good idea of whether it's a good option for you.


NameCheap started in 2000 as one of the best domain registrars, and its success in this endeavor prompted it to add additional services, including hosting. There are dedicated web hosting services that offer everything you need, and NameCheap is one of them. Today NameCheap has over 11 million customers and hosts more than three million domain names. It has been active in the domain registration business for over two decades and, like many of its contemporaries, has expanded its portfolio over time to include web hosting.

Yash Wadajkar



NameCheap offers great value, particularly in the lower-level plans, it also offers many more features than many of its competitors. The service has some pros and some cons, You should decide what you actually want from your domain and web hosting provider. In my opinion, NameCheap offers great value, in terms of domain registrars and extra addons that they provide.


NameCheap Review

Namecheap Homepage

My Namecheap review will demonstrate how I tested their promises. I have focused on the following areas to test Namecheap:

  • How do you ensure that your site is available 24/7, 365 days a year?
  • What is the loading speed of Namecheap's servers? By running my own tests, I will be able to analyze performance.
  • Does their customer support meet your expectations? If necessary, where can you find help easily?
  • Can you create and manage your website easily with the features they offer?
  • How much do they charge?

Following is a summary of my Namecheap review score, as well as my conclusion, in case you don't want to dig through all the details.

SUPPORT24/7 Live Chat
APPS100+ Apps with 1-Click Install
FEATURES1) Unmetered Bandwidth and Storage
2) Single Email Account
3) Free Domain 1st Year
4) SSL Certificate
5) 20 GB SSD with basic shared hosting
APPS1) WordPress
2) Joomla, Drupal
3) PhpBB
HOSTING PLANS1) Shared Cloud
2) WordPress
3) VPS
4) Dedicated Servers
SITE TRANSFERSingle Free Site Transfer
PRICINGStarting at $1.58/mo (renews at $2.88/mo)

NameCheap Review: Pros and Cons

Like any other hosting provider and domain registrar on the market, there are pros and cons to Namecheap’s offers as well, and how important they highly depend on what you’re specifically looking for. 

I'm going to compare Namecheap's pros and cons, just so you can decide whether its pros help you achieve your goals and if the cons aren't a deal-breaker.

My evaluation of Namecheap includes these pros and cons.

  • Easy to use
  • Free domain privacy
  • Free migration
  • Affordable and cheaper
  • Updates to TLDs
  • Free apps
  • Great support
  • Guides and videos
  • Easy domain transfer
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Unreliable Customer Support
  • Domain transfer fees
  • Limited data centers

NameCheap Review: Speed and Performance Tests

Namecheap is a popular hosting company, but do they perform the best? I have tested them and put them to the test.

I did test the performance of Namecheap to answer one question – is Namecheap worth the price? Hosting companies are often expensive, but how does Namecheap stack up against its competitors?

Before the test, I have installed Astra Theme on WordPress which is hosted on Namecheap without any caching plugin installed.

Here are the results:

1. Uptime Test

NameCheap Review Pingdom Test

I test uptime on every site and also regularly because it's one of the most important criteria for reliable hosting.

As you may know, Namecheap has had a near-perfect uptime record of 99.95% during the past 12 months. But their uptime was lower than average for three consecutive months.

But now they are doing awesome. They have improved their systems and now you can get uptime of 99.95% to 99.99%.

2. Load Time Test

In addition to uptime, speed is another vital criterion. Speed has been directly linked to visitor happiness, which is why it is so important.


“Studies show that a 1-second drop in website speed can decrease your conversion rate by 7%. A 3-second delay can cost you 50% of your traffic.”

Your site needs to be active in order to survive. Slow loading sites are almost as bad as those. 

Over the past 12 months, Namecheap's average page speed has been 421 milliseconds, which is easily regarded as impressive across the board.

Now that you know Namecheap provides a good load speed and has good performance it's time to check out their features.

Namecheap Review: Features

Since Namecheap offers almost everything hosting-related, their wide range of features and plans can be confusing at times.

Hence I have simplified all Namecheap's Features in the tabular form so that you don't need to wander anywhere.

Ease of UseIt is very easy and convenient to find your perfect domain name and hosting plan with Namecheap without going through complicated and time-consuming procedures. The advantage is that you don't need to know anything about web development and all that techy stuff.
SupportUnparalleled peace of mind is the result of quality technical support. When professional technicians are readily available, a web host can be relied upon to address any problems that may arise.
The customer support at Namecheap, however, disappointed me. I had contact with customer support and sales teams several times over the course of my inquiry. The interaction was simple when I was asking simple questions, but when I was having a real issue it was a little more complicated.
Knowledge baseA reasonably rich and accessible knowledge base.
Shared hosting plansNamecheap has three shared hosting plans.
Control panelcPanel
Number of hosted domainsThree domains for the small plan, unlimited for the other two.
Number of databases50 MySQL databases for the basic plan, unlimited MySQL and PostgreSQL otherwise.
Email30 accounts for the smallest, unlimited otherwise. Up to 2GB per mailbox.
Backups and restorationTwice a week courtesy backups; the largest plan gets daily and weekly service.
Storage20 GB for the smallest plan, unmetered for the medium one, and 50 GB SSD space for the largest.
TechnologyA reasonable amount of applications are supported.
SecuritySecure data centers.
Domain name registrationPaid domain registrations.
Site migrationFree inbound migration.
Website builderYes, included across the board.
EcommerceThe 1-click installer allows for several eCommerce tools.
Specialized hostingWordPress hosting is available.
Windows hostingNo.
Data centersOne data center in Arizona, US, and one in the Midlands, UK.
Uptime100% uptime guarantee.
SpeedReasonable speed.
PricingAffordable plans when prepaid, not so cheap renewal fees.
Pricing structureNamecheap follows the standard industry policy of low introductory fees and rather steep renewals.
Money-back Guarantees30-day money-back guarantee.
Refunds for early cancellationNo.
SecuritySSL is free for the first year.

NameCheap Review: Addons Available

Supersonic CDNEnsures your website is running as fast as possible
Validation.comVerify and ID online customers
EasyWPEasy WordPress site builder that’s great if you aren’t tech-savvy
Namecheap VPNProtects your privacy online
G SuiteA centralized email solution for all your online communications
Business Card MakerNeed an online business card? You can design one with their business card maker
Logo MakerYou can create professional logos without having to hire a designer
StrikinglyAn easy-to-use website builder for all your site design needs
WeeblyEasily build a website with Weebly
Ghost MachineA blog building app that makes creating a blog a breeze
Namecheap Uptime MonitoringYou can keep track of your site’s uptime and downtime occurrences
Namecheap LegalWith Namecheap Legal, you can easily incorporate your business and form a proper LLC
CanvasAn easy website builder you can start using in minutes

NameCheap Review: Plans and Prices

In terms of Namecheap pricing, the first thing you will notice is that the first term is very cheap and its renewal prices are also cheaper ($2.88/mo).

In addition to your hosting plan, you will also get a free domain name. Both prices are included in the plans so there are no unpleasant surprises.

Following are the Namecheap‘s Plans that they offer to you.

Shared Hosting PlanIts hosting plans are suited for smaller-sized projects that aren't expected to get thousands of visitors per month. I would recommend getting their hosting if you have a small project, at least to get started. The price ranges from $1.58 to $4.80 for their shared hosting plans.
WordPress HostingHosting optimized for WordPress: For those looking for shared hosting. Pricing starts at $3.88 for one site and goes all the way up to $11.88 per month. 
VPSThe concept is similar to that of a dedicated server that has been divided into smaller sub-servers by using limited configurations of software. A Namecheap VPS plan starts at $6.88/mo to $12.88/mo for the first year. Renewal prices range from $11.88/mo to $19.88/mo
Dedicated ServerDedicated servers are probably best suited to projects with thousands to millions of visitors every single month. Starting at $4.88/ mo to $159.88/mo, Namecheap offers you your own dedicated server.
Site MakerThose users looking to create their own website easily can also use the Site Maker website builder.

NameCheap Shared Hosting Plans and Prices

Plan Features Stellar Stellar PlusStellar Business
Disk Space20 GB SSD Unmetered SSD50 GB SSD
File (Inode) Limit300 300600
BandwidthUnmetered UnmeteredUnmetered
Uptime100% 100%100%
Hosted Domains3 UnlimitedUnlimited
Parked DomainsUnlimited UnlimitedUnlimited
Subdomains30 UnlimitedUnlimited
BackupsTwice a Week Twice a Week + Auto backupTwice a Week + Auto backup
Cloud StorageIncluded with EU datacenter Included with EU datacenterIncluded with EU and US datacenters
cPanel Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated IP$2.00/mo $2.00/mo$2.00/mo
Free Apps 100+ apps 100+ apps 100+ apps
FTP Users50UnlimitedUnlimited
Money-Back Guarantee30 days 30 days30 days
Pricing $1.58/mo renews at($2.88/mo) $2.68/mo renews at($4.88/mo)$4.80/mo renews at($8.88/mo)

Hosting unlimited websites is included in the Stellar package. Businesses looking for dedicated IP addresses should choose the “Stellar Business” Plan.

Buying multiple domain names is possible and you can actually get them in a better deal. Multiple domain names can be hosted on the same hosting account with Stellar Plus and Stellar Business hosting options.

Since the prices of Namecheap are the cheapest in the whole market I highly recommend you to start with Namecheap if you are just starting with your mini-project.

If you have a sufficient budget I recommend reading my “HostGator Review” and going with HostGator and if you want to go with premium hosting the only choice with you is Bluehost for more information I recommend you reading “BlueHost Review”.

NameCheap Managed WordPress Hosting Plans and Prices

NameCheap Review: Managed WordPress Hosting Plan

NameCheap VPS Hosting Plans and Prices

NameCheap Review: VPS Plan

NameCheap Dedicated Hosting Plans and Prices

NameCheap Review: Dedicated Hosting Plan

HostGator Review: Security Features

Privacy and site security are undoubtedly two of Namecheap's best differentiators. The VPN service provides you with safety and security services like two-factor authentication, content unblocking, and browsing security. 

Not many registrars offer free privacy protection with domain purchases and don't put as much emphasis on their safety features.

Security FeatureDescription
Best ProtectionYou get top-notch Two-Factor Authentication (U2F, TOTP & OneTouch) to keep your account secure, as well as domain privacy protection – all free of charge.
Industry-Leading SupportA friendly, knowledgeable 24/7 support team and a rock-solid guarantee back up every Namecheap product. You can also access their vast knowledge base at any time.
Safely Unblock ContentWith Fast VPN service, you can change your virtual location to unlock the internet for secure and fast streaming, transferring data, and online gaming.
SecurityWhen you buy an SSL certificate from Namecheap, you get a free site seal, 99% browser ubiquity, a money-back guarantee, and all the data protection your customers demand.
Options for EverybodyFrom basic to advanced, Namecheap offers SSL products for single or multiple domains. Regardless of your business type or budget, Namecheap has a security solution for you.
Personal Privacy ProtectionWork safe no matter your location or device with Fast VPN service. Avoid leaking information about your browsing activity.

Further, by providing your WordPress website with free CDN protection you can completely protect your website from malware and attacks. The CodeGuard and SiteLock add-ons are also offered during checkout but beginners don’t need them, so you can skip them.

NameCheap Domain Name Transfer Service

If your hosting and domain registrar is costing you a higher domain renewal price then you should transfer your domain to Namecheap. Namecheap provides the cheapest domain registration in the whole industry.

In comparison to other domain registrars in the market, the .com domain only costs $8.88/year and $12.98/year at renewal.

Namecheap domain transfer rates

If you want to transfer your domain to Namecheap then it’s very easy.

Depending on the type of domain, it may take 30 minutes to 8 days to complete. Depending on the TLD of the domain and the time to complete the transfer process at your current registrar, the exact time frame will vary.

After you have unlocked your domain, you can begin the transfer by logging in to your account. To know more about domain transfer visit Namecheap and check out their domain transfer process.

Choose NameCheap If

You should consider Namecheap if you want to buy a number of cheap domain names at a low cost, or if you are simply looking for the best deal.

Don't forget that your domain registration must be renewed periodically. Any registrar will offer you the best renewal rates, and Namecheap's rates are among the best in the industry.

Namecheap is an excellent source for purchasing a domain name and hosting in one place at a reasonable price. It has plenty of hosting options to choose from.

Conclusion: Final Verdict

If you ask me should I go for Namecheap then my answer would be yes. There are many existing customers, and their cheapest plan is very competitive with other companies' top tiers, so it looks promising.

Moreover, Namecheap has good speed and uptime results, making it a reliable hosting. But I wish there were more data centers available and that customer support was better.

Overall, Namecheap is definitely a good choice for beginner bloggers with a very low budget or for those looking to get a number of domain names affordably or simply trying to find the best deal on your domain registration.

You can initially go with Namecheap and when your traffic and website grows you can migrate your website to premium hosting companies like Bluehost and HostGator.

If you loved my detailed review and willing to buy I request you to buy it from below. It will make my day😄.


  1. Is Namecheap trustworthy?

    Yes, Namecheap is absolutely trustworthy. NameCheap has amazing performance, speed, and load time. It is ideal for beginner bloggers with a low budget.

  2. Is Namecheap a Russian company?

    No, Namecheap, Inc. is a US-based company. Namecheap is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar company that was founded in 2000 by CEO Richard Kirkendall.

  3. Who is the CEO of NameCheap?

    Richard Kirkendall

  4. Is Namecheap better than Bluehost?

    No, Namecheap is best suited for beginners with a low budget whereas Bluehost is a premium hosting service provider that is best for every need. If you compare Bluehost and Namecheap in terms of performance then Bluehost is the winner. If you compare Namecheap with Bluehost in terms of prices then Namecheap is the winner since its plans are the cheapest in the industry.

  5. Can you buy a domain name forever?

    No. it's not possible to buy a domain name forever. Actually, domain name registration is done on a yearly basis but you can pay for the coming years if you wish.

  6. Why is? Is .IO so expensive?

    “I/O” stands for input/output. .io domain names are expensive because they get trending in less time since .io is generally used by tech startups.

  7. Which is the best hosting provider in the market?

    According to the performance and reliability, the following hosting providers rank in the order:
    1. Bluehost
    2. Hostgator
    3. Hostinger
    4. Inmotion
    5. Hostwinds
    6. Dreamhost
    7. GreenGeeks
    8. Namecheap

  8. What is EasyWP Namecheap?

    EasyWP is a Namecheap feature that allows you to manage all your WordPress websites using a single dashboard. Using this interface, you can create backups, change your domain name, and access your files via SFTP.

  9. What is Premium DNS on Namecheap?

    Namecheap’s Premium DNS provides guaranteed 100% uptime, which ensures your websites loads faster, performance better, and has better security.

  10. How do I link my domain to Bluehost?

    1. Log into your Bluehost Cpanel.
    2. Go to the Domains tab in the navigation area.
    3. Under the Shortcuts menu, select the “Assign a domain to your cPanel account” link.
    4. Decide if you will assign a domain name that is already existing with your account or you want to link a new domain name.
    5. Then verify your domain name ownership in Bluehost. you can verify your domain using three different methods Update your nameserversCreate an HTML Page, and by EPP code
    6. Finally you have successfully linked your domain to Bluehost

  11. How safe is Namecheap VPN?

    Namecheap VPN account will protect your accounts from cybercrime when you connect through public Wi-Fi. Namecheap VPN will hide your IP address and encrypts your website traffic.

  12. Does Namecheap have whois protection?

    Namecheap provides Free Whois protection & private domain registration on every plan you purchase. Whois protection helps to hide your personal data like phone number, email address and etc from the public.

  13. Is .io domain worth it?

    Yes, the .io domain name is worth it if you are using it for your tech startup. .io domain is usually used by tech companies and tech startups for their website. .io domain represents Input-Output.

  14. Does it matter from where you buy your Namecheap domain name?

    No, it actually doesn't matter since you can get the domain name from any best domain name registrar but the only thing that matters is the price at which you buy your domain name. In the industry, Namecheap provides the cheapest domains. If you want to buy a new domain you can get it from Namecheap or if you are worried about high domain renewal rates you can migrate your domain to Namecheap easily.

  15. Buying domain name and hosting it somewhere else is possible?

    Yes, you can buy a domain name from a different domain name registrar, and then you can point it to your server that is hosted on a different hosting provider.

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