Which Health Insurance Rebranded Itself As Care Health Insurance?

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Religare Health Insurance Company has officially rebranded itself as Care Health Insurance, and it’s looking forward to becoming one of the top health insurance companies in India. If you’re one of its customers, what do you need to know about this change?

Here are all the facts you need to know about Religare becoming Care Health Insurance.

This comprises ensuring customers’ easy access to quality healthcare, broadening the spectrum of overall ‘Care’. Beyond hospitalisation to include preventive health check-ups, wellness, doctor consultations, diagnostics and home care.

Rashmi Saluja – Executive Chairperson

What Is “Care Health Insurance Company”?

Religare Health Insurance is one of India’s leading health insurance companies, which provides comprehensive health cover to all its customers and employees. Religare Health Insurance Company has rebranded itself as Care Health Insurance.

The company offers a wide range of hospitalization policies to cover individual and family needs at affordable premiums.

Care Health Insurance Company has been a very trusted name in health insurance since 2012 when it was named Religare Health Insurance Company. Care health Insurance Company has been awarded various awards, such as the Best Medical Insurance Product Award’ at the FICCI Healthcare Awards, the ‘Best Health Insurance Company’ at the ABP News-BFSI Awards and the ‘Editor’s Choice Award for Best Product Innovation’ at Finnoviti, etc.

As Religare takes on a new name, it continues its journey with a more definite purpose. Everyone in India can live life fully and securely, free from financial worry. When choosing an insurance company, you don’t want to go with any old brand.

How Many Care Health Insurance Hospitals Are Listed?

The Care Health Insurance Company has officially provided easy access to the best healthcare hospitals for its customers. It focuses on offering them cashless health insurance, which applies to 8000+ hospitals integrated by the well-defined network. You can log in to Care Health Insurance using their online portal to get your health insurance policy at the lowest premiums available.

How Will Your Medical Coverage Change?

With Religare focusing on life and travel insurance, you can expect some changes to your medical coverage if you have a plan. Will your doctor accept your health plan, and will there be any additional tests or check-ups that need to be pre-approved?

These are all questions to ask if your plan has changed, and it’s always good to know what is covered before you get sick or hurt. If anything new is part of your policy, make sure you know exactly how it works.

For example, many plans implement a co-pay program where you pay 1400rs-3500rs every time you visit a doctor or have an x-ray done at a lab. As long as you’re aware of these costs ahead of time, there shouldn’t be any surprises when you receive your bill.


Care Health Insurance will keep offering services in the retail section. They will cover for health care coverage, top-up inclusion, individual mishap, maternity, worldwide travel protection, fundamental sickness, etc including personal accident protection for corporates, minor problem protection services for their customers and a thorough arrangement of wellbeing administrations.

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