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Semrush Review 2022: The Keyword Research Tool Review

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Are you looking for a way to increase your website rankings in Google and other search engines? Well, if so, then the answer is Semrush. They offer a wide range of tools and services that can help with SEO.

While there are many things to consider when it comes to how to rank higher in Google and other search engines, you can use Semrush to find out what exactly needs to be done on your website.

This Semrush Review will provide you with all the information you need about Semrush. For example, they can help you identify keywords that are not ranking well or see which keywords drive traffic to your site.

At the end of this Semrush Review, you can confidently decide whether Semrush is the best option for you or not.

Have a look at what I will be covering.

Semrush Review
  • Keyword Research Features
  • Domain Analysis
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Rank tracking
  • SEO Analysis
  • Features


Semrush is the best keyword research and SEO tool for improving SERP ranking and getting marketing insights. Semrush tool is helping marketers to simplify SEO, PPC, SMM, Keyword Research, Competitive Research, PR, Content Marketing, Marketing Insights, and much more.

Semrush Review

With over 20 billion keywords, Semrush has the most prominent keyword database in the world.

The total number of keywords in Semrush Keyword Magic Tool exceeds 20 billion. It is currently the second-largest keyword database on the market, with Ahref ranking second with 12B keywords.

Semrush is a leading competitive research, SEO, and website analytics platform. Semrush helps you track the organic keywords for ranking positions of your competitors with just one click.

It provides all the necessary information about your competitors, including social media profiles, websites, and much more.

Semrush is a tool that many Internet marketers are already using. Moreover, it seems to be getting stronger as new and valuable features are constantly being added.

Some of the main features that Semrush provides are:

  • Domain analysis
  • Keyword research features
  • Rank tracking
  • Backlink analysis
  • Link building tools
  • Site auditing

Why Do You Need Semrush Keyword Research Tool

Do you want to know how well your site is performing against the competition? What about how effective marketing campaigns are?

Or what keywords people are typing into search engines to find your products and services?

If so, you’ll need a powerful competitive intelligence tool to find solutions to all these problems.

The internet has made it possible for just about anyone to have a business. From freelancing to blogging, there are many ways to make an income by being online. However, this means that competition is stiff.

For example, Google Adwords can be expensive and competitive. Or, you might want to promote your business on Facebook but don’t know-how.

With multiple platforms available for marketing, it can be hard to know where to start.

Luckily, Semrush provides the tools needed to get ahead of the competition through its wide range of services that keep all of your marketing efforts in one place.

Here are some pros and cons about Semrush that will help your guarantee why Semrush is the best keyword research tool for you.

Semrush Review: Pros and Cons


  • Comprehensive keyword research tool and domain analytics.
  • Backlink tracking is best in class.
  • Desktop/mobile search breakdowns.
  • A Project-based SEO campaign structure is uniquely beneficial.
  • Keyword suggestions and proactive SEO recommendations.
  • Easy-to-follow SEO instructions


  • Provides data only from Google
  • Upgrades to multiple users are expensive
  • Mobile view is not optimized

You can use this tool to find out which websites are worth contacting for backlinks.

The SEO audit tool allows you to conduct an SEO audit on your website to help you track how you are performing in search results. This tool can also help you improve the performance of your site by suggesting some Technical SEO changes.

However, Semrush offers a lot more than that, with many features that will allow you to improve the site’s rank, you can get started with its Semrush Free Trial for 14 days, and I highly recommend you try it.

It doesn’t require any credit card. You can simply signup for its free 14 days trial. I bet it would be worth it to try out Semrush.

Semrush Review: Features

Semrush is an excellent tool for finding the best keywords for your website addition. In addition, it offers many features that will be useful for digital marketers looking to grow their business.

Some of the features that Semrush offers are Adwords Keyword Tool, Rank Tracker, Organic Research, Semrush Audit, and a Web Traffic Analytics Tool.

This company has been around since 2004 and has continued to grow with time, making it one of the most reputable companies in the industry.

Diving into the details of Semrush features:

Semrush Feature: Domain Analysis

It’s usually a good idea to conduct some fundamental domain analysis before starting any SEO project. The intent is to examine a domain from the SEO perspective for its quality.

To improve SEO on your website, you typically conduct a domain analysis, or you do so on your competitor’s, to see how far you will have to go and what you need to optimize.

Also, you could conduct a domain analysis on a website to learn if it makes sense to approach the site owner about linking to yours – this is because external links mostly called “backlinks” from high-quality websites to your content can produce great results. 

Semrush makes it extremely easy to perform domain analyses. You need to enter a domain URL in the ‘domain overview’ section, and you’ll see how it performs in search results right away.

A site’s authority score usually gives you the most insight into site quality among these metrics.

According to Semrush, the following factors are taken into account:

  1. The number of backlinks.
  2. Organic traffic to your website.
  3. SEO metrics.

Semrush’s authority score was recently relocated to the domain overview section, so it’s easily visible. This provides you with an instant idea of what the search engine thinks of a particular domain.

While most of the domain overview figures are based on data, I have found that traffic estimates tend not to be 100% accurate but very close to accurate.

Semrush is fair in its claims. It doesn’t claim that their traffic figures are 100% accurate. Still, it provides a general estimation of how accurate they are likely to be below medium or high.

Semrush traffic statistics are intended to show you the popularity of your site and can be helpful in the context of your competitors or in identifying sites worth approaching for backlinks.

Semrush’s domain overview also provides several other useful metrics to gain some beneficial insights into your own and other sites.

I recommend paying attention to the ‘competitive positioning map’, which explains how a website fits into a given market and how strong it is against its competition.

By breaking down the results by country, you can see where a site performs remarkably well.

Overall, Semrush’s domain overview section is instrumental. The insight it provides on its own is enormous for learning how a website is performing from an SEO perspective.

Semrush Feature: Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research is the process of researching and discovering what people search for on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. It is essential for SEO and content marketing because it helps you understand what your target audience wants to know about.

There are many keyword research tools available that can help you with this process. However, the best way to start this exercise is by using a tool like Semrush, and Mangools, which allows you to generate thousands of keywords based on a single seed keyword.

In general, keyword research can help you with:

  1. How many people are searching for a particular keyword
  2. How difficult it is to rank for that keyword
  3. Who is already ranking for that keyword

Semrush Feature: Keyword Research

Keyword Overview in SEMrush

Enter a phrase into Semrush’s ‘Keyword Overview’ tool to find basic statistics about keywords.

Once you’ve done so, you’ll see:

  1. Number of searches per month for that keyword on Google
  2. Keyword difficulty score
  3. Competitor websites
  4. Additional keywords to target

Additionally, you can do country-level analysis on top of domain analysis, which is helpful.

Semrush Feature: Keyword Difficulty

Keyword Difficulty in SEMrush

Here are some of the metrics that matter most: keyword difficulty and search volume.

According to Semrush, a higher percentage indicates that it will be harder to rank for a specific keyword.

In addition to providing a rough estimation of the number of backlinks (links from other content to yours) needed to rank for a search phrase, Semrush can also give you a sense of the type of content you will need. The feature is relatively new to Semrush, but it was well-received by users.

Sometimes, Semrush doesn’t give you the number of links it believes you need to rank a piece of content but indicates that you will need many backlinks to rank your type of content.

In addition, it shows that you need to have perfect on-page optimization to rank higher, but it is scarce to find this error.

Semrush Feature: Keyword Magic Tool

Keyword Magic Tool In SEMrush

Semrush’s ‘Keyword Magic’ feature lets you get detailed keyword suggestions based on phrases you enter.

Using this feature is relatively easy, but it would probably be better if it were just called ‘Keyword Suggestions Tool’, but I’m sure that once you’ve landed at this part of Semrush, you’ll get the hang of it quick enough.

In addition to providing you with a list of related keywords, it allows you to sort them based on filters, including:

  • Keyword difficulty
  • Number of searches per month
  • Cost per click (CPC)

As a whole, Semrush’s keyword difficulty tool provides you with all the critical information you need to make the right decision about which keywords to use in an SEO campaign.

It would be more useful if metrics were available for some other search engines besides Google. But there is still room for improvement since the data provided is limited to Google searches.


While Google still holds the overwhelming majority of searches (92% according to Statcounter at the time of writing), some countries, including the USA, where other search engines enjoy a reasonable market share (nearly 6% of US searches are currently made on Bing).

Semrush Feature: Rank Tracking

Tracking your website’s search engine ranking for a particular keyword over time is called ‘rank tracking’ or ‘position tracking’.  You can also call it a Semrush Rank Tracking Tool.

Semrush’s position tracker lets you track this for free you enter a domain name, the keywords you want to track, and you receive a report about how your site is currently ranked for them. A per-country tracking option is also available.

Semrush will allow you to monitor your ranking improvements for your chosen phrases as more data flows into the tool.

You can enter competitor website data into this tool. In addition, Semrush has a position tracker tool that allows you to compare how your site is performing for chosen keywords against your competitors. 

As a final touch, you’ll receive regular email updates on your rank tracking progress – for instance, information about how your content has fared in the top 10 results for your specified search phrase.

I have no complaints regarding the position tracking features provided by Semrush.

Semrush Feature: Backlink Analytics Tool

There is a close correlation between how well a site does in search results and the number of ‘backlinks’ that link to the site. 

After using Semrush On-Page SEO Tools and creating a fantastic piece of content, it’s time for link building using Semrush Backlink Analytics Tool.

Using Semrush, you have two options for looking at backlinks: First, you can take advantage of the ‘backlink analysis’ option or perform a ‘backlink audit’.

You can use Semrush’s ‘Backlink Analytics’ section to look for backlinks for a particular domain name.

Here are a few other items you can view as well:

  • Each backlink’s anchor text
  • Distribution of top-level domains.
  • An IP address for each backlink

It is straightforward to read and helps you understand when a domain gained or lost backlinks, as well as the value of those links.

These details can be helpful to you in improving your efforts or learning what your competitors are doing.

The accuracy of Semrush’s link analysis is, of course, dependent on its link database.

According to Semrush, its link database contains 43 trillion URLs, which compares positively to the link databases of Ahrefs (26 trillion), Majestic SEO (10 trillion), and Moz (41 trillion).

Assuming these numbers are accurate, Semrush has a more significant link database than its main competitors, so you should, as a result, get more comprehensive backlink information using the tool. 

In some cases, Ahrefs and Moz were better if a site had an extensive backlink profile.

As one of the most extensive SEO tools, Semrush offers you the most comprehensive set of results you will find from any of its key competitors. Hence you won’t need to worry about buying Semrush Tool.

Semrush Feature: Backlink Audit

A backlink audit can also be performed using the Semrush Backlink Audit tool to see how backlinks are constructed. My primary goal here is to determine your site’s ‘site health’ and assess the ‘toxicity’ of backlinks to it.

Disavowing harmful links effectively tells Google to disregard them. Google penalizes websites with lots of harmful backlinks that point to them. You will benefit from removing these links.

However, pay attention to Google’s guidelines before disavowing links, as doing so can have negative consequences.

A vital feature of Semrush’s product is the backlink audit tool. I love that it identifies low-quality links and prepares a disavow file that is easy to upload to Google.

Additionally, if you feel Semrush has been overzealous in its toxicity ratings, you can also allow those links.

Semrush Feature: Link Building

The link-building tool in Semrush stands out among other features.

In SEO, link building is critical to success. Search engines typically reward SEO projects that establish strong links to their websites with higher rankings in search results (as long as the links are coming from relevant, high-quality sites).

With Semrush, you can build links in several ways:

  • Research your competitors and what they rank for
  • Checking out your website’s content
  • Identifying the keywords you would like to rank for

In return, it will then present a list of ‘prospect’ websites that it thinks may provide good opportunities for backlinks or guest posts.

You can also find plenty of tools for doing so in it as well. For example, your mailbox can be connected with Semrush so that you can send outreach emails within the tool.

By tracking the progress of each approach, you can keep your eye on CRM-style.

Among Semrush’s best features are the tools for outreach for link building outreach are some of the best features of Semrush

Whenever possible, Semrush will even furnish you with the email addresses of each website and the option to save a template outreach email for reuse.

As a result, Semrush’s link building service is much more comprehensive than any of its key competitors. This may well be the most substantial reason to prefer Semrush over its competitors.

Semrush Feature: Site Audit (SEO Audit)

Semrush “Site Audit” feature is arguably Semrush’s most helpful feature. No matter which CMS you use, Semrush SEO Audit suits every CMS like Shopify SEO, Wix SEO, WordPress SEO, and much more.

With the Site Audit Feature, you also can use the best SEO tools to stand out from your competition. For example, Semrush performs a site audit to identify factors that might be damaging your search rankings, such as:

  • Content that loads slowly
  • Reproduction of the same content
  • Issues with SSL
  • Errors occurring during the crawl
  • Unknown headers
  • Excessive use of keywords (Keyword Stuffing)

With this tool, you will be given a list of issues to address, and in a nice touch, you will have the option of exporting tasks to the Trolley.

An on-page SEO checker from Semrush is particularly the best since it scans your website and provides detailed recommendations on how you can improve each page.

The suggestions can include any of the following: 

  • Add the following keywords
  • Featured snippets optimization
  • The best way to improve your meta description and body copy
  • How to get backlinks from other websites
  • Approximately how long the content should be
  • Strategies for linking internally

In addition to the fact that Semrush’s site auditing features say what to do, they explain why to do it.

What is the point of doing this? What is the benefit? An explanation of why each suggestion is made can be found in lucid language when the” link is clicked.

Reading the following tips can teach you quite a bit about SEO.

Semrush’s site audit feature is simply terrific, and it arguably outperforms the same feature from competing tools.

With Semrush’s 14-day free trial, you can enjoy their Free SEO Tool. Being Semrush’s premium user, I suggest you try out their Free SEO Tool.

Semrush Review: Ease Of Use

You access Semrush’s functionality from the left-hand side of the screen using a menu of options, similar to those found in Moz and Ahrefs.

Semrush has provided several valuable categories like competitive research, keyword research, link building, rank tracking, on-page SEO, and reporting, and much more.

Beginners marketers may feel that the wide range of data that Semrush provides is overwhelming, but with tools like Semrush, you will soon get used to it. 

A good deal of the metrics provided by Semrush is also arranged to make them easier to understand due to the data visualization.

My Advice

Rather than a mobile device, a desktop computer is needed to get the most out of Semrush’s interface. It is laid out intuitively and can be utilized quickly.

Semrush Review: Plans and Pricing

The cost of SEO tools like Semrush is high compared to other SaaS applications.

However, I can understand why as you’re not paying just for functionality, you’re paying for access to large volumes of data, including a great deal of competitor intelligence.

There are three pricing options available offered by Semrush:

Pro$199.95 per month
Guru$229.95 per month
Business$449.95 per month

If you go with an annual package, you can start with $99.95 per month with a Pro plan. I also prefer to buy this annual plan with your hosting.

Semrush Review: Customer Review

Semrush Customer Support Email[email protected]
Semrush Customer Support Contact +1 (800) 815 – 9959 (United States)

Semrush is one of the most complex SEO tools available, so customer support availability and format are critical factors for prospective users.

You can contact Semrush through three different channels: phone, email, and chat. Unlike competing products, Moz offers phone support (real-time chat support is unavailable).

Semrush puts its phone number prominently in its footer. However, unlike some other SaaS products, a help chatbox can always be seen at the corner of each page.

Conclusion: Final Verdict

Several SEO tools are available, but Semrush provides a comprehensive suite of data for effectively executing an SEO campaign. 

My favourite features are its link building and site auditing tools. The first aspect is that it provides you with an excellent CRM style method for acquiring links. The latter provides a simple checklist for making technical SEO and On-Page SEO improvements.

Are there any downsides? As for the features: It only supports Google as a search engine. All accounts come only with one user account. Certain features are available only for use as part of a ‘project’ with a limit on the number of concurrent projects.

The fact that some competitive intelligence features require a $200 monthly fee is disappointing as well. But that’s worth it for ranking and creating your dominance in your niche.

At last, I would say that Semrush is a powerful and versatile tool that helps you optimize your website to rank higher on the search engine results page. It’s a comprehensive suite of marketing tools that allows you to analyze the competition, find keywords, track rankings, compare domain names, uncover profitable keywords, spy on your competitor’s SEO activities, and much more.

I recommend trying out the tool yourself before purchasing the Semrush Pro version. I suggest you take advantage of the Semrush trial for free. It will be worth it. But you have already tried their 14-day trial, and then you can also go with their paid plan.

If you loved my detailed review, I request you to buy Semrush from below. It will make my day😄.

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