How To Set Your Preferred Domain In Google Search Console

How To Set Your Preferred Domain In Google Search Console

To get better results from SEO, it's very important to correct the technical SEO aspects. One of the mistakes that beginners bloggers make is that they don't set the preferred domain in the Google Search Console.

It's important to set a preferred domain in Google Search Console or else the search engine may penalize your site for having duplicate content.

If your site isn't redirecting from www to non-www or vice-versa then preferably you are creating a duplicate copy of the site.

Since you don't want to get penalized, you need to work on it.

You should ensure that only one URL either www or non-www is accessible and the other one is redirected.

Thus, in this post, I will share How To Set your Preferred Domain In the Google Search Console.

Checking Is Your Preferred Domain (www or non-www)

I will share my case. My preferred domain is set to

I personally prefer the non-www domain.

But if search for, it will automatically be redirected to https//, and that's how your website should do or vice versa.

After you set your preferred domain then Google Webmaster will use 301 redirections or maybe canonicalization to set your preferred domain.

If you are a WordPress user then you don't have to worry bout this setting. WordPress CMS is smart enough to set your preferred domain automatically.

Now I want to share a new way to tell Google about your website's domain. As it’s a best practice to configure this setting at the Google Search console.

If you think you are using two different links for the same content, try to open your site with and without www. Now if both of them redirect to the same URL then you are all done. You don't need to read this article.

But if both the URLs are pointing to two different URLs that is one with www and the other without www then you need to fix this issue.

What Is The Domain Setting?

Google Webmaster gives you the choice between URLs (www or non-www) that you would like to index in Google Search Result Page.

The two options to choose between are or As I have said earlier if you don't set your preferred domain then the chances of getting penalized for duplication of content is high.

Now according to Google “The preferred domain is the one that you would like used to index your site’s pages.”

If you specify your domain as and if Google finds a link to your site that is formatted as If so then Google will treat that link as if it was

Moreover, Google takes your preference into account when displaying URLs in their SERP. It may take some time for changes to be reflected after making the useful changes.

How To Set Preferred Domain (www or non-www) In Google Search Console?

Before configuring any of these settings in GCS, you need to verify website ownership either with www and without www.

The meta verification can also be used to prove your domain ownership or file that GSC gives you to upload in your root folder.

Setting Up Preferred Domain In Google Search Console
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After verifying your domain ownership, log in to Google Search Console and click on the gear icon on the right to select the site settings.

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Here you can set your preferred domain settings. As mentioned earlier, you need to choose and add your preferred domain www or non-www.


If you are a WordPress user then it will automatically set 301 redirections for you. After you make your specific domain changes don't expect instant results.

It will take a while to show results.

With concluding this article do let me know which domain you prefer with www or non-www.

How To Set Your Preferred Domain In Google Search Console
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