What Would You Do If You Lost Your Job? – Trending Question

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When you lose your job, you not only a loss of income. You lose the structure, routine, friendships and a sense of well-being. Immediately get the support of family and friends, and let your feelings and allow you to release anger and pain of losing his job. This will also keep in mind if they see an opportunity for employment. Now that you’ve touched with emotion, it’s time to make a plan. Here is a list of things to do when you lose your job.


Why did you lose your job? Was it because of a company restructure or downsize? Were you directly responsible? You should start thinking about your level of competence and current skills, how to excel in an industry and you need to do. Ask yourself if you liked what I was doing or this is your opportunity for change.

File Claims For Unemployment Insurance

Whether you are eligible for employment insurance. It may take some time to request and receive your first payment, payments may not be sufficient to cover their expenses and they run very fast, but it is certainly a step to take before we have a new job.

Reduced Costs

You will have to make your money last as long as possible to reduce unnecessary spending. Talk to your creditors and explain your situation. See if you can negotiate lower payments or interest rates. Never ignore your bills. Change your cable service to basic services, making a decision between fixed or mobile phone, reduce entertainment. At this point, you’re not sure to find a job that is less money, more money or you can find a job within 3 months or 2 years, so it’s always better to be cautious .

Create A New Daily Routine

Embrace change. Dust your resume, develop coping skills and network to increase your chances of finding employment quickly. A job is a lot of time and while looking for a job can not occupy all his time, but provides a significant portion of their programming. Set a schedule for job search activities and also allow time for leisure and recreation, including walking, going to the library or participate in a workshop.

Remember to take care of yourself. Do not hide under the couch. Be careful and keep their sense of humour. You can accomplish a lot when you’re smiling, so keep smiling!

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